Release: 2017-1 (10)

2017-1 (10)
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Modernization of human rights: major trends


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-3-8

Annotation: The article is devoted consideration consideration of major trends modernization of law-making in the Russian Federation. The author gives some offers on current legislation improvement in this area

Some aspects of application of a qr code when concluding final vote protocols by parliamentary election commissions


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-8-11

Annotation: The article: The article is devoted to the application of QR-code on the final protocols of PECs. It discusses the specifics of using this kind of data coding when compiling the final voting protocols of the PEC, the feasibility of this technical innovation in the work of election commissions of various levels. Using the analysis of the practice of organizing this data coding system in the conduct of elections in some constituent entities of the Russian Federation, it can be concluded that the use of this kind of technical systems will make it possible to more effectively resolve the question of counting the votes and increase the level of confidence in the elections held in the Russian Federation, , And by international observers

Payments for negative impact on the environment protection as an element of economical mechanism of environmental protection


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-11-15

Annotation: The article is devoted to analysis of payments for negative impact on the environment. On the basis of the current legislation defines the role and effectiveness of payments for negative impact on the environment as a tool of economic mechanism of environmental protection

The emergence and development of corporations abroad (Ancient Rome, medieval Europe)


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-15-20

Annotation: The article considers the reasons and conditions for the emergence of the corporations in Europe in the ancient period of development of the state (Ancient Rome) in the Middle ages. Justify the characteristics of corporations, analyzes the characteristics of corporations in a particular historical period

Family-legal responsibility functions


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-20-25

Annotation: In the article the functions of family-lawful responsibility as the independent form of juridical responsibility are considered

Marriage Marriage Recognition: Certain Actual Questions of Theory and Practice


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-25-31

Annotation: The article: in the article the grounds of recognition of marriage are invalid; The scientific points of view and jurisprudence on the problems under study are analyzed; Proposals are being formulated to improve family legislation

Grounds and conditions of civil liability for harm caused during the provision of transplantation services


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-31-37

Annotation: The article: the article explores the legal preconditions for attracting to contractual and extra-contractual liability of the participant-participants the obligations arising from the contract aimed at compensatory rendering of services for transplantation of human organs and tissues

Organizational-legal and pedagogical peculiarities of adaptation of the personality of the concerted to the moment of release


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-37-41

Annotation: The author analyzes experience of preparation of the condemned persons to release, also touches on issues of social maintenance of this category of citizens

Operational experiment and documentation provocation of a bribe or commercial payoff


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-41-49

Annotation: The article presents the results of a study on the problems of an operational experiment and documentation provocation of a bribe or commercial payoff, the issues of delimitation of the operational experiment and provocation, the author suggested the concept of provocation

Questions scientific understanding of the nature and content of investigative situation


DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2017-1-49-52

Annotation: The article touches upon the problematic aspects of crime investigation, analyze different points of view of scientists-criminalists about the nature and content of investigative situation