Author(s): Gusev D.A., Butina E.A.

Rubric: Methods and technologies of training and education

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2018-4-29-35

Release: 2018-4 (25)

Pages: 29-35

Keywords: education, knowledge, skills, automatic skills, competences, exam, memorizing, oral check, quiz

Annotation: Post-Soviet social transformations touched upon all the sides of social life, including education both secondary and higher. Current educational reality principally differs from that of 30 years ago. One of the crucial reformation elements in education is considerable decrease of knowledge component and competence incline as well both at school and in university. Educational technologies also underwent considerable changes, which manifested in rating system, electronic testing, distant-learning implemented in the education process. The article attempts to estimate the efficiency of such changes and their influence on real forming students’ knowledge and competences. The key conclusion is the statement that the better is, probably, harmful for the good and one step forward means usually two following steps back. Meanwhile neglecting knowledge component inevitably leads to considerable decrease in quality of education level. The author suggests practical steps for increasing the level of knowledge forming and its checking by means of a quiz.

Bibliography: Gusev D.A., Butina E.A. QUIZ AS A MEANS OF CHECKING KNOWLEDGE // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2018. – № 4 (25). – С. 29-35. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2018-4-29-35

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