Author(s): Buyanova Anna Sergeevna, Valegina Karina Olegovna

Rubric: Methodological research

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-2-87-95

Release: 2020-2 (31)

Pages: 87-95

Keywords: Catherine II, educational reforms, education, I. I. Betsky, J.-M. Leprens de Beaumont, L.-F.-P. d’Epinay

Annotation: The article deals with the issue of educational reforms carried out during the reign of Catherine II, by the beginning of whose reign the Russian educational system did not have a clearly defined pedagogical model, the number of open educational institutions was limited and did not meet the needs of the state. In this regard, the pedagogical ideas of French educators became the basis of the first legislative documents of the reign of Catherine II. The novelty of the research is seen in the fact that, despite the extensive historiography, there are no works defining the full range of sources that influenced the development of educational initiatives of the era of Catherine II. The article analyzes the influence of the French writer and religious figure Francois Fenelon, whose ideas were used by the Marquise de Maintenon in the preparation of the educational program of the Royal Orphanage of Saint-Louis in Saint-Cyr. A comparative analysis of the programs of the Foundling home and the “Charter for the education of noble maidens” by I. I. Betsky is presented. The authors pay special attention to the French model of women’s education and its impact on the Russian educational reform. The article analyzes translated pedagogical works (J.-M. Leprens de Beaumont, L.-F.-P. d’Epinay), which allow us to get the most complete picture of the development of educational initiatives.

Bibliography: Buyanova AN.SE., Valegina KA.OL. FRENCH PEDAGOGICAL IDEA AND EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES OF THE CATHERINE II // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2020. – № 2 (31). – С. 87-95. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-2-87-95

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