Author(s): Ozherelyeva T.A.

Rubric: Educational environment

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-3-28-36

Release: 2020-3 (32)

Pages: 28-36

Keywords: information asymmetry, information asymmetric situation, target awareness, categorical asymmetry

Annotation: The article analyzes the state of information asymmetry in education and educational technologies. The article reveals the causes and types of information asymmetry presented in the form of relations between objects and subjects of the educational system. Categorical and inter-categorical information asymmetry are considered. The concept of information asymmetric situation is introduced. Emerging situations in the education system are classified into static and dynamic, which provides a basis for their analysis and evaluation on certain grounds. It is shown that information asymmetry in education can be eliminated in the learning process. The rules of formalized representation of various types of information asymmetry are described. The article reveals the principle of algorithmization of the learning quality assessment process, based on information asymmetry, on the part of both teachers and students. The article shows the possibility of information support for making managerial decisions on the organization of the educational process in the direction of its improvement.

Bibliography: Ozherelyeva T.A. INFORMATION ASYMMETRY IN EDUCATION // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2020. – № 3 (32). – С. 28-36. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-3-28-36

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