Author(s): Moiseeva Tatiana Vladimirovna, Polyaeva Natalia Yurievna

Rubric: Methods and technologies of training and education

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-2-29-36

Release: 2020-2 (31)

Pages: 29-36

Keywords: traditional education, innovative education, problem situation, responsibility, intersubjective approach, actor, manager

Annotation: The aim of this research was to find new methods of education of managers who would be able to take responsibility in making managerial decisions, and who would have qualities relevant today, such as the ability to act in conditions of uncertainty, with a shortage of resources, and in crisis conditions. The relevance of the topic is due to the fact that modern managers are not always ready to be responsible for decisions they take. Traditional and innovative methods of training managers are discussed in the article, their analysis is conducted. It is proposed to supplement the university and postgraduate training system for managers with a new intersubjective approach. Intersubjective approach to the finding a way out of problem situations management, which focuses on subject-subject relations, and its application in the process of managers training is described. It is shown that internally motivated actors-managers, immersed in a problem situation, are ready to participate in its resolution and take responsibility for the decisions made by them. An example of applying the intersubjective approach of problem situations resolution at the real enterprise is given.

Bibliography: Moiseeva TA.VL., Polyaeva NA.YU. INTERSUBJECTIVE APPROACH APPLICATION IN MANAGERS TRAINING // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2020. – № 2 (31). – С. 29-36. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-2-29-36

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