Release: 2012-2 (2)

2012-2 (2)


The system of indicators characterizing the specialization of agricultural production


Annotation: Specialization as a form of expression of the social division of labour is the most important directions of the development of agricultural production. Summary indicators of the level of specialization and concentration of production and allows to identify certain trends in the development of this process, to allocate the coefficient of specialization and concentration of agricultural enterprises, the coefficient of specialization, which reflects the size of the production of certain products per capita, the coefficient of economic specialization, the coefficient of localization.

Basic factors and principles underlying the development of vertically integrated distribution networks in the insurance market


Annotation: Examines the management tasks of the distribution system of the insurance company. The specificity of the vertically integrated approach to the marketing of insurance products. Suggests factors increase the efficiency of the distribution system based on vertical integration. Based morphological matrix determining the characteristics of the value system of the insurance company. Generated model of competition in the insurance market and is determined by the place of intermediary structures.

Methodological foundations of a new paradigm of optimal national security of Russia


Annotation: The article considers the ontological and methodological basis for the formation of a new paradigm of the modern military-economic science as a Foundation of national security. Supposed to profound changes in the whole system of economic and political relations in modern Russia.

The mechanism of the preferences of the concept of reconstruction and construction of objects


Annotation: In the article the analysis of various emergency situations (ES). The influence of extreme conditions, which may increase various adverse conditions. The concept of restoration and construction in the aftermath of disaster, which is based on the use of organizational-structural and economic-mathematical extreme regulation

Opportunities and effective combination of strategic management in the formation of innovation infrastructure of the region (city)


Annotation: Modern level of economic development demanded scientific creative approach to the management and organization of work in the infrastructure sector through the system elements and components of the control object. The basis for the strategic management of innovation, innovative ideas, based on experience and deep knowledge, initiating the beginnings of the development strategy

Heat and power complex of Moscow. The politics of Moscow city hall regarding industry issues


Annotation: The article is devoted to the merger of the two largest companies thermal power complex of Moscow OJSC "MOEK" and OJSC "MTS", considered the expected economic effect of the transaction. The question is raised about the failure of OJSC Mosenergo Moscow government in purchase of OJSC "MTK"

The competitiveness of domestic industrial enterprises in the conditions of transition to the innovative type of development


Annotation: The dependence of the competitiveness of industrial enterprises from implementing innovation: technological, organizational, product, marketing. Given the costs of innovative activity and the volume of innovative goods, works and services of industrial enterprises, sources of funding for innovation

The organization of the innovation industry development taking into account the cluster approach


Annotation: Raised in the article problems of organization and management of innovative development of industry, is the experience of JSC "Russian electronics" on the integration of industrial enterprises on the basis of cluster approach with research institutions and suppliers, as well as the organization's competence centres, managers of innovative development

Assessment of efficiency of investment projects using the method qualimetry


Annotation: A particularly important task of evaluating the effectiveness of use of funds allocated for capital expenditure is in respect of investment projects financed from the budget funds

The place and role of economic science in the development of the system of self-regulation in construction


Annotation: The theoretical aspects of the formation of the system of self-regulation in Russia. Presents assessment and identified the problems of the economic practices of self-regulating organizations in the construction industry. Grounded main directions of development of system of self-regulation in construction

Directions of development of Russian financial system


Annotation: The problems of strengthening the financial system of Russia. Proposals on the establishment of the ruble as a reserve currency, the introduction into circulation recapitalizing elements of national wealth, anti-inflationary policy and diversification of the banking system.

Directions of improvement of the banking system in order to ensure economic security


Annotation: The capitalization of the Russian banking system must be improved, however, to ensure a gradual inclusion of the Russian banks in the international banking system, in order not to destroy, but to strengthen the national credit organization.

Cosmological as a new stage of world development


Annotation: In the article the author refers to effective global phase changes and their logic, namely, the transition from globalization and global studies to cosmological and humanitarian cosmology, shows the outline of research (conceptual and methodological substantiation of this process and gives the key to his understanding

Trends in the interaction of information security governance and economic systems


Annotation: The article examines the theoretical position in the interaction region of the aspects of information security and the economic system, analyzed the current situation in the development of these processes, conclusions are drawn, allowing more deeply, systematically and comprehensively explore the issue of promoting efficient use of management information

The role of higher education in the formation of cultural and moral priorities and the environmental awareness of students


Annotation: The article considers the problem of formation of cultural and moral priorities and the environmental awareness of students, and offered a possible solution to this

Actual problems of development of the hospitality industry in the countries of Equatorial and southern Africa


Annotation: This article examines current issues in the field of tourism and hotel industry in African countries, analyzes the public policy of various African States in the development of the hospitality industry, formulated the positive and negative factors affecting the development of tourism, allowing more deeply, systematically and comprehensively explore this issue