Release: 2013-2 (4)

2013-2 (4)


Problems of Banking Risks Assessment at Present Stage


Annotation: The article analyzes the problems of banking risks and the correctness of the existing methods of their evaluation. The basic approaches to the reduction of bank risks are dwelled on.

No Alternative to Innovative Development at Present Stage


Annotation: In this paper the conditions, problems and priorities on the innovative development way of Russia are analyzed. The role of the national innovation system in the creation of the conditions for social and economic development of the country on the modern level with the reorientation of the production from the priority of industries engaged in mining and processing of raw materials to the economy of knowledge and innovation is presented.

On Question of Improving State Ecological and Economic Governance in Republic of Belarus


Annotation: The article describes the practice of state environmental and economic management in Belarus and suggested ways of improving the process. The expediency of improving the system of paid use of natural environment, the trading of rights to pollute the environment and environmental insurance, wider implementation of the mechanism of environmental certification, development of environmental business, etc. is proved.

Financial Support for Small and Medium Businesses


Annotation: The basic features, advantages and disadvantages of small and medium businesses are dwelled on, focusing on the problems of financing small and medium enterprises. The main directions of financial support for small and medium businesses are offered.

Regional Investment Programs in Strategic Development of Federation Subject


Annotation: This article reflects the problem of implementation of regional investment programs, reveals their role in the strategic development of regions, summarizes the factors that influence the scope of investment in the region, highlighting the successful implementation of investment programs.

Heat-and-Power Engineering Complex of Moscow City. Moscow City mayor's policy regarding problems in this sector


Annotation: The article is devoted to the consideration of the system of economic production, its main objectives, development problems in Russian companies. The need for universal decrease in losses and focus on the consumer is proved. The first stages and results of introducing STEP in JSC MOEK are described.

State Regulation of Innovative and Investment Development of Engineering Complex of Russia


Annotation: Urgency of the subject. The production secto, and in particular engineering complex plays the key role in economy, defense capability and state development as a whole. Let's analyze the condition of the engineering complex of Russia today, its geographical distribution and prevailing forms of ownership.

Organization of Monitoring of Implementation of Target Budgetary Programs


Annotation: Transition to the program budget causes the need for development and implementation of the balanced package of measures of financial, economic, organizational, institutional, standard and legal character for providing effective expenditure of the state financial resources. In the present article approaches to the organization of the monitoring of implementation of target budgetary programs as instrument of increasing efficiency of state regulation in the sphere of social and economic development of society are characterized.

Project Methods in Management of Defense-Industrial Complex Innovation and Investment Activity


Annotation: The article studies the conceptual foundations of project management of Russian defense-industrial complex investment and innovation activity, analyzes international experience of project management in the defense sphere and develops a model of project management of innovation and investment activity of the military-industrial complex enterprises.

Rethinking Traditional Approaches to Public Administration in Modern City


Annotation: The search for a new theory of organization of power that explains the changes in the nature of public administration, public administration theory, forming laws of functioning and development is presented.

Licensing and Self-Regulation as Economic Instruments of Regulation of Construction Complex


Annotation: The problems of licensing in the Russian Federation, the replacement of licensing by Institution of self-regulation, self-regulation organizations in the project sphere are analyzed

Conceptual Issues of Quality Management System of Accounting Cost of Production


Annotation: The article proves that the quality management system of an organization as one of the managerial tools ensures the management of the company and the consumers of its production that the company is able to provide the production which meets the following requirements: required quality, necessary quantity for a specified period of time using definite resources.

Development of Financial Markets in Globalization Context


Annotation: The article dwells on the current state of financial markets, the characteristic of the domestic financial market, analyzes the trends of financial markets in the face of globalization. The factors of the Russian financial market on the regional and global levels are also explored.

Humanitarian Breakthrough: Dialogue Takes on Scientific Form - Dialogistics


Annotation: The paper presents the meaning, content and the main provisions of the new global humanitarian concept of world order, developed by the author. The distinctive and unique feature of the author's concept is that it is based on the scientific paradigm of global geo-economic development, one of the developers of which is the author.

Systemic Aspects of Efficiency of Situational Centers


Annotation: The authors analyze the systemic and technical issues of assessment of the effectiveness of the situational centers from the perspective of the organizational systems – ministries, departments, Government and commercial enterprises, taking into consideration various factors of influence. Situational centers are represented as complex logistical systems that implement the spectrum of information technology, storage, processing, analysis, presentation and visualization of information.

Background Documentation in Information System of District Administrative Committee


Annotation: Background Documentation is forming a document from a template, by replacing the parameters for the relevant data stored in the database and saving a document to the appropriate line of the document journal.

Organizational and Economic Provision of Innovative Development of Region


Annotation: The article dwells on the specifics of the organizational and economic support for regional innovation activity, reveals the contents of the major elements of the organizational-economic mechanism, represents the institutional aspect of innovation policy in the region.