Release: 2013-4 (6)

2013-4 (6)


Crises in Socio-Economic Systems


Annotation: What is a crisis, when and why does it occur, what is its structure? According to the article a crisis is characterized by many interrelated situations of increasing complexity and risk management.

Tax Incentives of Development of Arctic Zone of Russian Federation


Annotation: The authors offer conceptual approaches to the formation of tax mechanism for stimulation of the economy of the Russian Arctic, including activization and ensuring the balanced development of the foreign economic, innovative and investment activity

Modernization of Social and Economic System of Northern Regions of Russia


Annotation: This article is devoted to the directions of modernization of the social-economic system of northern regions of Russia. Deep theoretical bases are considered by the author, and the concrete applica-ble recommendations for the development of northern delivery, modernization of transport infrastruc-ture are proposed

Facets of Innovative Enterprise Risk: Theoretical and Practical Aspects


Annotation: The article considers the essence and content of the category «innovative risk». The main facets of innovation risk inherent to the modern enterprise are identified. The theoretical and practical aspects of management of innovative risks using the integrated approach to the risk management of the enter-prise are outlined

Role of Self-Regulatory Organizations in Provision of Efficient Activity of Design Organizations


Annotation: The problems of ensuring liability SRO for the harm caused to the design organizations, that ceased their existence and increasing the quality of design documentation are considered.

Problematic Aspects and Forecasts of Innovation Activity of Russia


Annotation: The article dwells on the basis of innovative infrastructure for science and technology, identifies challenges of innovation, based on the forecast of GDP growth. The forecast for the development of the innovative construction areas according to several scenarios is made. The perspectives for the development of innovative sectors of the economy of Russia are defined.

Effective Introduction of New Technologies for Provision of Transport Logistics Companies


Annotation: The article presents the analysis of the efficiency of new technologies introduction in transport logis-tics. The cost and expediency of transition to the use of gel batteries by replacing the traditional alka-line batteries in the electric transport company are estimated

Market of Milk and Dairy Products


Annotation: The development of milk branch is closely connected with the raw materials base. The main reason for underutilization of available capacities is the lack of raw materials. The state support measures through the realization of major national project “Development of AIC” for stabilization of the situation in milk cattle breeding were taken. The necessity of ensuring national security sets up important tasks in the production development of domestic dairy production

Basic problems of Creation and Realization of Federal Target Programs within Framework of Developing Science and Technologies in Defense Industrial Complex


Annotation: The federal target programs in the context of creation of the S&T reserve for the perspective and nonconventional arms are considered in the article. The main problems of existing mechanism of program-oriented planning of the development of science and technologies are revealed and the ways of their solving are offered.

Model Integrated Risks Management of Holding Company of State Corporation “Rostekhnologii”


Annotation: On the basis of its own conceptual approach, the author's model of comprehensive risk man-agement system, as the organizational and functional prototype of the system of management of integrated risks of industrial GC "Rostekhnologii" is developed . CRMS enterprise model is designed to create the actual functioning of systems of risk management of industrial en-terprises of the corporation on its basis. Enterprise Risk Management , based on the increase in the value of the business should be based on the principles that ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives determined by the Risk Management Policy, which should be incorporated into it at the stage of design and construction.

Marginalization as Social Phenomenon in Context of Modern Globalization Processes


Annotation: This article is dedicated to the problem of marginalization. The meanings of such terms as “marginal-ization”, “marginality”,“marginal” are disclosed. The article considers the basic marginal groups existing in the contemporary Russian society, describes theirs main features, methodology for analysis of social space and social time.

Role of Information Technologies in Management of Risks at Industrial Enterprises


Annotation: The article dwells on the using of information technologies in the creation of an automated risk man-agement system at industrial plants, allowing in single information space to identify and trace all kinds of risks, to collect, consolidate, process, store, update, present in the form of current reports the information necessary for corrective management decisions.

Strategic Objective of State - Development of National Innovative Power


Annotation: The need in moving to innovative transformation of service area in the education sector is caused by the current realities of the progressive development of the Russian economy with the direct involvement of human capital. Effective measures taken on the national level to improve the educational activities are presented in the article.