Release: 2014-1 (4)

2014-1 (4)


Developing Ancient East national statehood and its tendency


Annotation: The article is devoted to a brief review of the Ancient East states. Their judicial typology has been made in the paper. The authors try to follow the causal connection between the state’s economic basis and its legal superstructure. The research discusses the castes problem of the Ancient East states

Problems of spiritual education in Ivan Ilyin’s philosophy


Plato’s Phaedo and up-to-date continental thought


Innovations in legal regulation of social provision in Russia


The institutionalization of the anti-corruption law as a complex branch of the legal system of Russia: conceptual framework and theoretical aspects


Innovations in labour relations in Russia in the late XX – early XXI centuries


Economic indicators of political decisions in Russia: problems and perspectives


Annotation: This article describes the direct relationship of politics and economics, economic indicators response to political decisions in the Russian Federation over the past decade. It shows in a short term how domestic and foreign policy steps to change the economic system in the country

Factors (determinants) triggering kidnapping


Annotation: The article considers key factors determining kidnapping. These factors are: a) economic (the want to enrich oneself in the conditions of an economic crisis and its circumstances; for solving financial arguments; for credit repayment; for eliminating rivals; for slavery and etc.); b) political (because of the ideological, racial, religious hatred or enmity or because of hatred or enmity towards a social group); c) socio-psychological (due to interpersonal conflicts; great insult; blood vengeance; jealousy; compulsion of evidence; delivering sexual services and etc.)