Release: 2015-1 (12)

2015-1 (12)


System of the organization of the foreign trade activity in modern conditions of managing


Annotation: This article is devoted to the modern features of the organization of the foreign trade activity. A number of factors, including not only membership of the country in the WTO and continuous changes of legal base, but also the commodity-sanctions restrictions accepted recently at the level of various states has the impact on this process. The author of article made an attempt to actualize features of the organization of the foreign trade activity in the Russian Federation taking into account the above-designated factors

Concept development of the concept of marketing consulting services


Annotation: The article discusses issues related to the approaches of marketing consulting services concepts. Special attention is paid to the principles of system development of marketing consulting services. The structure of the marketing system consulting services is proposed. The characteristic features of marketing consulting services are revealed

Forms of the support of small and medium business in the innovative economy


Annotation: The article is devoted to the forms of support of small and medium business in the conditions of innovative economy. Authors trace historical evolution of system of support of subjects of small business, analyze empirical and statistical material, allocate the most demanded forms of support of small and medium business in modern conditions

Approaches to assess competitiveness of franchise businesses


Annotation: In this article the methodological approaches to the definition of indicators to measure the competitiveness of franchise businesses; the author's approach to structuring criteria of competitiveness of goods and services depending on the species meets the needs of society. The author convincingly proved that the criteria of competitiveness franchises are those components of its activities, which are aimed at achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the plane of common interests with other companies

Development of a model of the functioning of the cleaning market in Russia and the modern trends of its development


Annotation: the article deals with the peculiarities of functioning of the cleaning market in Russian Fed-eration. It is indicated that cleaning market has high growth rate and dynamics. The history of its formation and development is shown. Legal aspects of cleaning activities in Russia are analysed. And the model of cleaning market`s functioning is built

Rationale financial solutions In the face of uncertainty


Annotation: This article formulates proposals for the improvement of the methodological apparatus for supporting decisions in conditions of uncertainty. It considers the decision-making process in cases where uncertain is as conscious actions of participants of the conflict situation as well as conditions of the event

The development of methodological questions in classification of region recourses investment attractiveness factors


Annotation: The article deals with questions of investments classification by methodology conceptions development of region investment climate and recourses investment attractiveness. Models and bills of materials presents for parameters analysis of investment climate and recourses investment attractiveness, it follows the necessity for separate several group “Potential and instantaneous investments” in classification

Сhanges in the logistics of delivery of goods in relation with sanctions


Annotation: The article presents an example of the essence of the concept of "logistics", the development of its essence as a science, and as a practical component of the management of material flows, and the evolution of its development. The article describes changes in the logistics of commodity circulation, which occurred in connection with the sanctions

Resources as the Main Factor of Leading the Country to the Forefront


Annotation: The article discusses the place of resources in the modern world and their role in the global reproductive circuits, explains the innovative scope of new resource types. This allows for a fresh look at the strategy for implementation of geo-economic projects

The development of military economy in the 20th century


Annotation: The article analyzes the development of the global war economy in the last century. The methodology is the theoretical analysis of the military-economic and military-technical component of the economic power of States and their evolutionary development. The author comes to the conclusion, that the current in the twentieth century, the military situation in the economies of most developed countries has led to the need for a comprehensive strategic solutions to the problems of structural adjustment and technological renewal of the military industry, active innovation in the interests of economic security of States

To the question of the application of reporting as tools of risk management


Annotation: The issue of the practical organization of the reporting of risks in the companies, firms, banking organizations. Due to the need for implementation of reporting as a tool for reporting on risks in the system in-house and internal risk management. Statistics risks and the results of the study of their causes. Concludes with the practical need to develop specific reporting forms for registration of risks, their systematization in order to make the best financial decisions

Organization rights monitoring licensing of pharmaceutical activities


Annotation: This paper analyzes the existing scientific approaches, rules and regulations of the license law. Generalized conceptual apparatus of this license as a control system. Define the subject, object, principles, objectives, forms and methods of control

Optimizing selection and professional adaptation of the personnel in the organization


Annotation: The article considers the issues of acquisition States, methods of recruitment and selection of staff in the organization, the main activities in the professional adaptation of the staff. Proposed criteria for the formation of the system of recruitment and selection of specialists and employees

The role of state in creating the value of labour power and human capital assets


Annotation: The article justifies the role of state in creating the value of labour power, it explains the significance of investment in human capital. The article presents the primary areas of state participation and support, aimed at modernizing the national economy

Modern management: main directions of development


Annotation: The interrelation of functional management with the directions of development of applied management of the organization is shown. The main characteristics of development of applied management, characteristic for the present stage are given

This article formulates proposals for the improvement of the methodological apparatus for supporting decisions on the formation of the company's financial policy. It also considers the decision-making procedure for each activity and the stages of the modeling


Annotation: Methodology for substantiating decisions on the formation of the financial policy of the enterprise

Independent audit activity as an example of regulation of ethics In the modern russian business


Annotation: This article discusses the features and content of the ethical principles of audit, which must comply with the auditors and audit organizations when conducting audits and the provision of non-audit services

Strategic partnership between Russia and India in the military-technical sphere: theoretical aspect


Annotation: This article discusses the necessity of deepening scientific and industrial ties with the Republic of India in the sphere of military-technical cooperation to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy in terms of sanctions against Russia. A number of concrete measures mutually beneficial to improve the military-industrial potential of the Russian Federation

The state of the insurance market in the conditions of WTO accession


Annotation: In the article the analysis of the existing risks for the insurance business in the Russian Federation in the conditions of accession to the WTO and prospects of development of the insurance market of the Russian Federation

The principle of continuity in international and national systems of accounting and reporting


Annotation: The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of the implementation of one of the basic concepts of accounting: the principle of continuity in national and international financial reporting standards. Compilation of Russian statements on a different basis if the company does not meet the requirement of continuity of operations, and disclosures in the consolidated financial statements of significant uncertainty further opportunities for the company to continue its activities will contribute to the convergence of international and national accounting systems and improve the quality of accounting information. The results of the analysis can be used in the process of developing and implementing a national Conceptual framework for financial reporting and Federal standards

Logistics of foreign trade activities in the improvement of the customs legislation of Russia


Annotation: The article shows the relationship of logistics for foreign economic activity of enterprises of Russia in all its functional areas with the development of the customs legislation of Russia and the Customs Union, the world customs organization

Influence of international trends on the implementation of internal control in credit institutions of the Russian Federation


Annotation: The article considers the impact of the processes of international economic space on the activities of credit institutions of the Russian Federation with regard to the functioning of the internal control system. It has been shown that changes in the standards world-class greatly affect the work of the domestic banking sector. The possible measures to address the critical issues of risk management and the control functions at the present stage in an unstable geopolitical situation, economic slowdown and the sanctions and restrictions

Typology of persons and the condition of its practical application in the conditions of development of innovative economy


Annotation: In article the typology of persons and feature of formation of innovative behavior for various types is considered, possibility of diagnostics and detection of innovation in the personality and estimates of innovative potential by means of tools of socionics is described, importance of sotsionichesky model for creation of innovative teams is defined

Parameters and indicators of quality of self-learning Organizations in cognitivel economy


Annotation: The subject of this article is a system of economic relations in the creation and development of a self-learning organization as a specific form of innovative economic structures in the modern knowledge economy. Analytical tasks article are: actualization of competition in intra-cognitive relations; identifying the nature and analysis of qualitative properties of the phenomenon of corporate self-learning; analysis of the main forms of self-learning organizations with the leading role of universities; analysis of the specific creation of self- learning organizations in the domestic economy. Scientific novelty of the article is to determine the essence and characteristics of classification criteria and qualitative properties of the self-earning organizations; in the justification of the key role of universities as the main «attractors» in the creation and development of self- learning organizations in the modern economy