Release: 2015-2 (13)

2015-2 (13)


Features of crediting of small business are in system of services of bank sector of Russia


Annotation: In the article the features of mechanism of crediting of small business are exposed in modern terms. Problems and perspective directions of development of credit services are distinguished in the bank sector of Russia

Reforming of land relationships in Ryazan region: historical aspect


Annotation: This article reveals the main periods of land relationships reforming in Ryazan region from the end of XIX till the end of XX century. Special attention is paid to the governmental role in the case of regulation of land turning that has agricultural purpose

Organizational and functional model of competitiveness management enterprises of housing and communal services


Annotation: The article deals with the content of the management mechanism of competitiveness are the distinctive characteristics of competitiveness management of commercial and non-commercial enterprises, are organizational and functional model of management mechanism of the competitiveness of the enterprises of housing and communal services

Eyewitness accounts of the Sakhalin Island’s economic potential


Annotation: The article of the author, who has lived on Sakhalin for more than five years and having satisfied himself personally in the huge potential of this territory: minerals, seafood, wonderful educated people. These all features allows Sakhalin island be the one of the economically de-veloped regions of Russia

Typology of the economic crisis


Annotation: The article deals with the methodological problems and the historical pattern: the formation, development and resolution of economic crises; allocated hierarchical subordination crises at various levels; particular attention to the crisis of industrial relations

Economic mechanisms of import substitution in the Russian federation


Annotation: The article examines the concept of «economic mechanisms», and «substitution», told about the concept of import substitution developed at the state level of the Russian Federation, the main problems faced by manufacturers

Features of business ethics of Russian merchants in the XIX-XX centuries


Annotation: The object of the research in the article is the business ethics of the Russian pre-revolutionary enterprises and its origin. The subject of research is entrepreneurship before the revolution. The problem of socially-oriented business as one of the main condition for creating of business reputation is of importance today. The article discusses how this problem had been solved in the end and beginning of the twentieth century by Russian entrepreneurs, 64 % of whom were old believers. Most entrepreneurial dynasties donated a lot of money to charity and believed it was their duty to take care of their employees, to improve conditions of their life, which created the motivation to be engaged in honest labor

The formation of favorable investment climate in the region through strengthening food security


Annotation: The article reveals the main aspects of the formation of a favorable investment climate in the region. Special attention is paid to the mechanism of strengthening food security in the region in the framework of the current economic crisis

Some aspects of the current state of transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation


Annotation: The article discusses the current state of the transport infrastructure that needs reforms to ensure the sustainability of economic development and provides some suggestions for its improvement

The problem of the city’s innovative infrastructure development


Annotation: The article considers the problems of innovation infrastructure that hinder the process of in-novative development of the country and city in particular, reducing the investment attrac-tiveness of the region

Analysis of approaches to strategic planning agglomerations


Annotation: This article contains the review of the basic approaches to strategic planning of urban agglomerations and the problems occurring due to making plans in long-term. The approach based on the comparative advantages of territorial entities and concentration on the strong aspects of every particular agglomeration becomes more urgent. The main purpose of this article is to observe the established practices of making a plan for the long-term development strategy formation

About the prospects of implementing the concept of demographic policy of Russia for the period up to 2025


Annotation: The article analyzes the main results of the second phase of the demographic policy implemented Concept of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, revealed a positive dynamics of the main indicators of population reproduction, marked the most significant demographic challenges with which Russia will face in the long term. Marked the most important measures that the government should take in the area of managing the population

Analysis of housing and communal services in Russia in modern conditions


Annotation: This article analyzes the dynamics of housing construction in Russia at the present stage, investment in housing, housing status, advantages and disadvantages of privatization, financial indicators of enterprises on management of housing maintenance, housing program, the dynamics of household spending on housing-municipal services; provides international comparisons for the housing market; identifies problems of management of housing and communal services

Management of the organization: bases of formation of strategy and choice of the direction of development


Annotation: Mission, the purposes, tasks of the organization, technologies of their achievement and structure of management of the organization are considered. Hierarchical distribution of administrative functions is described. Basics of policy of management of the organization are covered. Prospects of development of management of the organization in the 2020th years are estimated

Development of information infrastructure and informatization of government agencies on the basis of modern means of communication


Annotation: The article is devoted to the development of infrastructure on the basis of information. The directions of the improvement of information and the functioning of state bodies on the basis of advanced means of communication and provision of services by the example of Moscow

Basic policies Сhina in the caspian region


Annotation: Increased attention to the hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian region, China began to show before the collapse of the USSR. In that period the interest was limited to the scientific study of the hydrocarbon potential of the Caspian States. After the collapse of the Soviet Union's energy policy China successively passed through several stages: from gaining access to the oil and gas deposits in the region before the construction of export pipelines through which Beijing supplies of hydrocarbon resources. China's policy in the Caspian region has led to significant changes in international relations. The Caspian countries have greatly expanded cooperation with China in energy, by using Chinese investments in the development of oil and gas, as well as implementing pipeline projects, which provide their hydrocarbon resources access to foreign markets