Release: 2014-4 (7)

2014-4 (7)
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Medical-technical education project quality control in State University of Aerospace Instrumentation


Annotation: The paper is devoted to medical-technical education project quality control in SUAI, to its separate components, and to the complicity of its realization in Technical University under conditions of scientific and technology progress fast development in different areas and technologies of health care industry

Statistical analysis of miniature krypton lamps output intensity


Annotation: In this paper we analyze statistical characteristics of miniature krypton lamps output intensity by using MATLAB possibilities. Measured data are considered as time series of discrete stochastic process

Evaluation method of imbalance degree of supply and demand on the basis of the fuzzy mis-match scale


Annotation: Actuality of supply and demand matching on a labor market is shown. Within intellectual management of IT specialist labor market evaluation method of imbalance degree of supply and demand on the basis of an fuzzy mismatch scale is offered. We have developed algorithm of fuzzy classification of labor market conditions by the degree of imbalance of the supply and demand, allowing to carry out a selection from the knowledge base the rule which corresponds to the administrative decision adequate to an estimated situation.



Annotation: It is considering the problem arising from the practice of reforming the governance structure of the Railways. The theoretical base of justification frontiers of regional management in large-scale organizational system, which occupies large areas and having a network structure. Introduced the concept of management complexity. Given tasks and algorithms forming the boundaries on the basis of minimizing the complexity of management. Describes the indicators that characterize the complexity of management and their classification.

Potentiality of local exchange pricing


Annotation: It is considering the problem of large exchange transaction influence on financial instrument price. It is mathematically proved price potentiality for linearization model

Methods of examination of large-scale transport project


Annotation: The principles, models, methods, algorithms and techniques described examination of large-scale investment projects of reconstruction of the transport corridor are considered. They are illustrated by the example of technological and price auditing complex project - reconstruction, maintenance and development of the infrastructure of East railways Russia - Trans-Siberian and BAM. During the audit, benchmarking is used - search and analysis of similar projects of the constituent their programs implemented in domestic and international market. Describes the methods of examination of compliance cost activities and programs of the project of reconstruction of the transport corridor costs with respect to domestic and foreign counterparts.

Decision support system in the management of human resources


Annotation: The paper describes the necessity of application of intelligent technologies to support decisions of more objective problems in human resource management. The specific features of the recruitment problem are highlighted, immersing the later into a fuzzy environment. Multi-scenario approach is described for solving the problem of employment, taking into account the importance and inequivalence of the indicators, which characterize the candidates for the post, as well as individual character requirements of employers

Development of management polygons at organizational network structures


Annotation: The problem of the development of large-scale polygons management network structures, to provide uniform distribution of the load on the management centers of the polygons. The algorithms for solving the problem on the basis of the reduction of the network using the technique of transformation of symmetric matrices in the matrix of smaller dimension. Represented by a geometric interpretation of the procedure of forming polygons.

Intelligent management of the it professionals labor market


Annotation: The specifics of IT professionals labor market and its assumptions are identified, which the methodology for integrated research is based on. The concept of “intelligent management of the IT professionals labor market” is enlightened, conceptual bases of intelligent management of supply and demand for IT professionals are determined, generalized model for intelligent management system for IT professionals labor market is proposed.

Business negotiations communication techniques


Annotation: In the framework of the Conference the business training “Business Negotiations Communication Techniques” is held. It is devoted to the study of main stages and techniques of business negotiations, it helps in communications skills improving and successful behavior line developing.

Technology preparation of revolution: models and methods of falsification of history


Annotation: It is shown that the basis of falsification of history is expedient logic. The methods of orders and the formation of historical myths, turning points in the history of the revaluation model, the historical process Bradbury – Tenna are constdered, as well as the bifurcation models. Techniques are given false evidence and manipulating estimates of historical persons and events. Actual targets customers of history textbooks are characterized.

Personnel retraining in telecommunication business


Annotation: This article focuses on the experience of self-financing training center, the creation and activities in the field of Infocommunications and business.

Intercultural communication and its role in the educational process for bachelors and masters


Annotation: The article deals with the problems of intercultural communication teaching at the university level. It shows the great importance of the subject and gives some clues to deal with those problems. The Matrix model is proposed to describe the system of cultural values and peculiarities. A short historical comparative survey makes it possible to state that cultural transformations are relatively slow processes/

Ideological orientations of the teacher of the humanities in the educational process


Annotation: A teacher of Humanities as a rule sticks to a certain philosophic position. To some extent he is an adherent of a certain conception. Needless to say his philosophic position influences his activity in a high degree. This influence spreads both on what the teacher tells the students and on the way it is done. In its turn this has an influence on forming students’ philosophic orientation. What role does teacher’s philosophic orientation play in the pedagogical process? What could and should it be like?

Information and intercultural communication through the prism skeptical paradigm thinking


Annotation: The problem of information and intercultural communication are one of the progressively developing areas of research, both abroad and in Russia today. The conceptual basis of Western studies on this subject are the interdisciplinary approaches, due to the need multilateral understanding what is happening in this field processes. Of particular interest is the study of processes of information society and the development of communication between the different socio-cultural system. Informatization process is not such a new phenomenon. Problems of information and communication have always been interested thinkers from different ages. In our opinion, very interesting are reflections of ancient skeptics who quite carefully studied the problem of information, communication and laid the foundation of modern positivist concepts in this perspective of thinking.

Using multimedia in teaching English to advanced level students


Annotation: The article deals with peculiarities of teaching English to advanced level students using multimedia. These peculiarities are viewed as a total of certain advantages and difficulties for a teacher from the viewpoint of organization of educational process. Particular attention is focused on criteria of advanced English skills and on motivation, which is the main factor of achieving them.