Privacy declaration

The reviewing of articles submitted by the authors for publication in the journal is carried out with due respect for the confidentiality of the authors. By submitting scientific articles for peer review, authors trust editors the results of their scientific and creative work, on which their reputation and career may depend. Confidentiality can be violated only to counteract fraud and deception, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The editorial board does not provide information to anyone, except authors and reviewers, about scientific articles before their publication in the journal (including their receipt, content, status in the review process, criticism of reviewers and final fate). This includes requests to use the materials to resolve legal issues.

The editorial board is obliged to notify its reviewers that the materials of articles sent for review are confidential information and private property of the authors. Thus, reviewers and editorial staff are obliged to respect the rights of authors and not avoid public discussions of the work of authors until it is published. Reviewers are prohibited from copying manuscripts and transferring them to third parties, except the cases when it is allowed by the editor. Reviewer comments should not be published or otherwise made public without the consent of the reviewer, author, and editor.

Reviewers are anonymous to authors. Authors receive a review without the signature of the expert who made it; the identity of the reviewer should not be disclosed to the author or other persons.

The editorial board does not publish the reviewer's comments along with the article materials without the consent of the authors and reviewers. The editorial board can inform the reviewers about the preliminary decision to accept or reject the scientific article.