Requirements registration

The article should be structured, i.e. it should include sections with titles that briefly and accurately reflect their content, including:

The structure of the article and the sequence of its presentation Note
UDC To assign a UDC (Universal Decimal Classification), it is recommended to contact the library staff or use one of the on-line resources:  УДК.
The title of the article In Russian and English
Last name, first name, patronymic of the author (s) In Russian and English
Information about the author (s) according to the RSCI На русском полностью и английском языках без сокращений: ученая степень, должность, место работы (согласно Уставу организации), e-mail
Аннотация In Russian and English without abbreviations: academic degree, position, place of work (according to the organization's Charter), e-mail
Keywords In Russian and English: 7-10 words that carry the main semantic load in the text
The main text of the article 6-15 pages of text, designed in accordance with the rules established by the publisher
Conclusion It contains a summary of the obtained scientific results and the prospects for their application, which does not repeat the abstract and is not limited to a simple list of what has been done in the work
Literature Bibliographic references are drawn up in accordance of  ГОСТ Р 7.0.5-2008.

Other No more than 1 paragraph: notes about the grants under which the research is carried out, words of thanks, etc.

Rules for formatting the text of a scientific article

 Name of the characteristic Registration rules
Form of submission of materials Electronic document, Microsoft Word,*. doc or *. docx
Name of the forwarded files Electronic versions of the text of the scientific article and the license agreement are sent to the editorial office in separate files. The file names must contain the name of the first author and the type of document (example: Smith_Article.doc, Smith_Contract. doc)

Page format А4
Page field Normal (left 3 cm, right 1.5 cm, top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm)
Text alignment by width
Hyphenation Automatic hyphenation should be turned off
Fonts Times New Roman
Font size 14
Line spacing 1,5
Paragraph indent 1,25
Graphic material (drawings) ATTENTION! The graphics, diagrams, and tables scanned from paper media must correspond to the level of the printed publication (resolution, contrast, file size, correct orientation and no image distortion, no "noise", color quality, etc.). Otherwise, the scanned materials are not included in the journal.
Drawings The figures should be numbered and have a name (example: Figure 1 – Structure of the training system), which is placed after the figure. In the text, links to drawings are required.
Photo If there are photos in the article, they must be duplicated as a separate file in *.tiff or *.jpg formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi
Tables Tables should be numbered and have a name (example: Table 1 – Morphological matrix), which is located in front of the table. The paragraph indent for the title is 1.25, aligned to the page width. References to tables are required in the text. 
Formulas Formulas should be typed clearly, observing the differences in the spelling of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as letters that are similar in shape. Indexes and exponents should be written strictly below or above the line (superscript and subscript characters). In formulas, Russian and Greek letters should be typed directly, and Latin letters denoting scalar variables should be written in italics. Values denoting vectors and matrices should be highlighted in bold and typed directly (it is also allowed to set all values denoted by Latin letters, including matrices and vectors, in light italics); the transpose sign is the letter " t "of the lowercase line in the upper index; the exponent is the letter" e " of the bold line. Standard mathematical notation (for example, max, log, sin, etc.) should be typed directly. The formula numbers are written in parentheses on the right. Formulas are numbered end-to-end and are given in the order of their appearance, and only formulas that are referenced in the text are numbered
Number of figures and tables The number of figures and tables is not more than 7 units
References  References in the text are enclosed in square brackets with an indication of the number from the list of references – [5] or [5, p. 67]
List of references References are numbered consecutively in the order they appear in the text. References to literary sources are given in square brackets. Also, the list of references should be duplicated either in English or by transliteration (for example, using a transliteration translator The list of references should contain at least 8 sources. The share of self-citation should not exceed 20% of the number of sources in the list.
The volume of the article 6–15 pages

Address for sending manuscripts of articles prepared for publication in the journals "Economics and Management", "Legal Sciences" and "Educational Resources and Technologies":
Phone: 8 (495) 783-6848, ext. 53-53.