Economics and Management

Moscow Witte University Bulletin. Series 1: Economics and Management is an electronic scientific peer-reviewed journal.

The founder is Private Educational Establishment Moscow Witte University

The journal has been published since 2012 (Эл №ФС77-50278, 21.06.12). Re-registered in the Ministry of communications and mass media on January, 29, 2020 (Эл №ФС 77-77600). The journal is included in Russian Science Citation Index (№594-12/2012) and registered in ISSN International center (ISSN 2307 6135).

Electronic version of the article is published on the journal site and in Russian Science Citation Index.

You can also print out the cover of the issue and the text of your article from the site for getting a paper version. The article is located on the page with issue contents. The whole issue can be downloaded as well.

All the materials located on the site belong to the publisher. The materials are for personal use only and not to be used commercially (the Russian Civil Code, article 1304). Materials used for scientific or educational purposes must be referred to.

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