Release: 2014-3 (9)

2014-3 (9)


Assessing the impact of environmental factors on the activity of the advertising services


Annotation: The article is devoted to the issues of the factors external towards their socio-economic environment which have an influence on the activities of the advertising organizations: demographic, economic, legal-political, technological and socio-cultural. Special attention is paid to the changes in these factors occurring in connection with the crisis processes in the economy

State regulation of activity of country (farmer) facilities At the present stage


Annotation: Article characterizes seat of country (farmer) facilities in agriculture of the Ryazan area. The basic directions of state regulation of progress of farmer sector of region are analyzed and efficiency of their realization is established

Actual problems of small towns and their development prospects on the example of Uglich


Annotation: This article examines a number of issues related to the development of small towns, reducing their numbers by the example of Uglich, Yaroslavl region, with the study of the dynamics of large and small cities in previous years. Were used factual information about small towns and policy decisions related to their development. In this paper we investigate the cause and effects of urban development perspective, the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in order to further enhance the attractiveness of the city to life and tourism. Based on the analysis suggested a number of prospects of development in Uglich in the study population needs to live in the city and the development of small towns in terms of area , the country and the world

Priority forms of financial support of small business at the present stage of development of the Russian economy


Annotation: The article revealed the problem of financing the development of small enterprises (SSES), in particular the rapid reduction of financial assistance in 2013 Is the modern classification of forms of financial support MP on meaningful point. examines the challenges and benefits, priority over the past three years, the forms of financial support underlines the significant role of MP State in support of MP. Financial support should be comprehensive and address and take into account the interests not only of the small enterprises and regions: the structure of the industry, features and development priorities (specialization)

Ways to keep innovative development


Annotation: The actual problem of the article is searching of the modern ways, allowing to keep innovative development is considered. Now the Russian's economics is in a difficult situation. Therefore everything is more sharply shown need to use the clusters, allowing to increase competitiveness and innovative activity of regions of Russia

The specifics of building models for forecasting sales for example air


Annotation: This article contains the review of the most famous open methods of aviasales forecasting aimed at revealing the most profitable directions and airline’s rising profits. The main purpose of this article is to define the aviasales’ forecasting problem connected with a great number of variables that can be possibly used in a model and with the fact that basically all forecasting methods are oriented to the stable market, so only short-term forecast can be expected by using them

Modern processes in the organization of taxation of insurance protection


Annotation: The article reveals current processes in the organization of taxation of insurance protection. Special attention is paid to main developments in the organization of the system of taxation of insurance protection

Institutes of state and local self-government bodies at the methaphysical metodology system


Annotation: The article is about pseudo-sphere of functioning local self-government bodies at nominalistic realistic conceptions of society. There is showed that at the nominalistic conception of society local self-government bodies are performed as free subjects, and at the realistic conception of society local self-government bodies are performed as transcendental subjects

Transformation of the military and technical cooperation in the conditions of globalization


Annotation: This article examines trends in the modern world arms market. Analyzed areas of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign states. Justifying etsya-new interpretation of the concept of «military-technical cooperation» with regard to the Russian Federation implemented economic and scientific-technical policy

Innovative arrangement of the global world


Annotation: Orbits, notices an underlying life-affirming trend of economics prevailing over politics. It manifests itself especially noticeably on the global stage. Whatever collisions, contradictions and disagreements accompany our world, the common sense wins! With difficulties, but the process of arrangement of the global world is continually ongoing. And two ambitious geoeconomical projects: Trans-Eurasian Belt “RAZVITIE” and the Great Silk Way fast entering the global stage make a remarkable example. A number of concerns regarding the realization of these projects is considered in the article, including the idea of connecting two parallel projects and directing them to the common path of the united latitudinal zone of the world’s development and prosperity

Formation of programs of the long-term Region developments


Annotation: The article discusses the problem of forming long-term development programs in the region control subjects. The authors propose to use of the forecast – Forsythe for identify the priorities for development innovation and implementation of the results in the development of regional and federal programs for regional development. Results may be used in the management of the region

Mechanisms of public administration and control in the development of innovative services educational services


Annotation: The government, aware of the strategic importance of quality of the educational process, performs the functions of managing reproduction of knowledge through the creation of an enabling environment, providing the necessary incentives for actors in the production and use of knowledge as one of the main resources of the economy. On the mechanisms used by the State as measures aimed at developing the educational sector will be discussed in this article

Accounting problems fixed assets and depreciation in Ukraine and foreign countries


Annotation: Adaptation of enterprises to a market economy requires timely, relevant and objective information about the fixed assets. The article is devoted to the investigation of theoretical and practical aspects and justified solutions to problems of classification, valuation of fixed assets and depreciation in Ukraine in comparison with the experience of foreign countries

International and domestic experience of the usage intellectual information systems in the professional personnel development management


Annotation: The article presents a brief overview of international and domestic experience of personnel training by distance learning technique, which become the primary means of management and personnel development in modern conditions. Special attention is paid to intellectual information systems as tools for officials and employees development management of the Russian Federation customs service

The Role of Social Responsibility of Agrarian Employers in Rural Population Living Standard Improvement


Annotation: A system analysis of literature sources about the questions of social responsibility of agrarian employers, its role in rural population life quality improvement is made. The peculiarities of agricultural enterprises social responsibility formation as a resource of living standard improvement are revealed. The analysis of the key directions which allow the farms to realize social responsibility functions and affect employees’ and local associations’ living standards is conducted. The levers of enterprises management motivation in the direction of their social responsibility increase are represented