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2014-1 (4)


Standards of the third generation or the Russian women in science


Annotation: In article distribution of weekly academic loads in the Russian railway educational institutions at the beginning of XX and XXI centuries respectively is considered. On the basis of their comparison questions of the education level, the third generation defined by standards are formulated. The retrospective review of fiction of the 70th years of the last century, biographic data on scientists is provided as the answer to the questions posed - representatives of the Russian science.

Modeling of process of training with using of coloured Petri nets


Annotation: There is a model of how university students are studying the specific discipline for example, «Structure and data processing algorithms» in this article. The model is constructed with the use of colored Petri nets (Coloured Petri Net). This modeltakes into account themodern approachto teachingat the university-the division ofthe disciplineinto modules (blocks).CPNTools programis usedas amodeling tool.

Foresight as the most effective tool of development of information technologies industry in Russia


Annotation: In the article the tool of formation of the priority directions of the professional competence of specialists training in the field of information technologies. The main vector of development of the methodology is aimed at more active and purposeful use of expert knowledge.

Kvalimetrical approach to the assessment of formed competencesubject students in the «ma-thematics»


Annotation: This paper describes qualimetrical phased approach to evaluation of formation of common cultural and professional competencies in mathematics courses Forestry University profile. A model for assessing the level of formation of student competence in the subject " Mathematics" kvalimetrical -based approach to the assessment information space .

Level of school education as a basis of the graduate school: pros and cons


Annotation: School education is the Foundation of the higher school. Article analyses the level of school education in Russia and some Western countries and its influence on the development of the higher school.

Pictorial-verbalpresentationatmathematics lessons


Annotation: The organization of interest of pupils in work, attraction of their attention, motivation of cognitive activity. Complex application of tasks together with standard text tasks within non-standard lessons.

Organization of mathematical space is at school


Annotation: In hired authors examine the ways of creation of mathematical space at school by means of organization of project activity students with the purpose of development of creative potential of man in interests personality, society and state; becoming of ability of child to be valuable, socially active, competitive personality that has basic to the competence of modern man.

The use of the research method in the teaching of mathematics in school


Annotation: The authors are investigating the questions of the successful use of the research activity during the mathematics lessons in school. The mathematics lesson in which the research method of teaching is used consists of such educational elements as the situation of success, the situation of difficulty, the formulation and solution of the problem. This method should not be used as the systematic subject teaching, but together with it as a part of the educational system. Developed and partly implemented research projects have already borne fruit. The use of the research method makes it possible to solve the tasks of teaching, allows combining the teaching and the research activities. Consequently, this helps to interest the students in the educational process and its outcomes.

System analysis and mathematic grounds for medical personnel labor quantity and quality eval-uation


Annotation: The study is aimed at development and implication of differential labor remuneration for medical per-sonnel. The focus is placed on the labor contribution coefficient as a labor remuneration element characterizing generalized quantitative labor contribution value of medical personnel into overall performance of therapeutic institutions. Upon the subject area analysis the study defines indicators for additional work volumes of a dermatologist (nurse) and proposes method for labor quantity estimation and labor contribution calculation as an integral index of labor remuneration evaluation.

The development of a model of the medical call-centre of krasnoyarsk on the basis of the anylogic simulation modeling system


Annotation: The problem of creation of a medical Call-centre in the city of Krasnoyarsk on the basis of agent ap-proach when using simulation modeling system is being discussed. The health care system of Krasno-yarsk is investigated; the main classes of models have been developed. The developed simulation model of the medical Call-centre is presented; the main conclusions are received that can lay down as a basis of creation of the Call-centre

Analysis of exception handling in different programming languages


Annotation: This work considers peculiarities of exception handling in different programming languages. Algo-rithms to evaluate the usage of exception mechanisms were created and implemented. Time costs of these mechanisms in compliable languages (C++, C#, Java, Eiffel) were measured and analyzed.

The reasons and driving forces of stage-by-stage change of approaches in an object-oriented paradigm of programming


Annotation: In work the characteristic of the major cognitive events of history of a paradigm, the prerequisite, au-thorship and importance of its main scientific concepts are presented. The following periodization of evolution of the object-oriented paradigm (OOP) in the theory of software development is offered: academic OOP; early OOP; mature OOP; modern OOP. The progress is caused by aspiration to en-gage human potential in development of evolving program complexes.

Using object-oriented metrics for software analysis


Annotation: In this paper discusses the use of object-oriented metricsfor аnalysis and quantification soft-ware.Quantitative evaluation complexity of the information system is made using metrics. Metrics are usually subdivided into seven classes. The most detailed description of the class of object-oriented metrics. Particular attention is paid to the set of metrics Chidamber and Kemerer.

Software Testing – Educational Program


Annotation: In article necessary aspects of studying the testing strategy and technologies of automated testing in production of software are presented. Offered approaches and techniques are realized in a training course «Technology of programming» in Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Stackelberg optimality in multicriteria hierarchical tree game


Annotation: Two-level differential game is studied, where control centre is located at the first hierarchy level and players are at the second one. The optimal game solution according to Stackelberg is constructed. And it is shown that it is not dynamically stable.

ELECTRE technique of ranking multicriteria alternatives application to the problem of selecting elders training group


Annotation: The article deals with the problem of choosing student group elders from the decision theory point of view. We propose an ELECTRE technique for solving this problem. Results of the ap-plication ELECTRE method on several groups reviewed and summarized.

Program support of the expert assessment of criteria for creation of cognitive model


Annotation: The model of learning system when it transforms to new level oriented on the obtaining the students competitions according with 3-d generation of State Learning Standard. As basic formalism the dynamic model of competition grows obtained on basis of cognitive simulation is suggested.

The Grid-organization of distributed resources for network education


Annotation: We consider the overall situation in the field of conducting distance learning. To improve the efficiency of this process is proposed to consolidate directories of learning and teaching ma-terials and simultaneous distributed storage of full texts in educational institutions, leading distance learning network. For this purpose the use of Grid-technologies that can serve as the basis of the resource organization technology platform network of distance learning.

Classification Of Texts Containing Formulas


Annotation: The paper deals with approaches to the classification of documents that contain formulas. Indicates the importance of accounting for the classification of mathematical formulas and other documents. In addition, the classical methods of classification proposes new approaches that can improve the accuracy of classification.

Parameter identification problems in Mathematical modelling of processes


Annotation: The main stages of constructing mathematical models based on experimental data are consi-dered. At each stage the main problems of parametric identification leading to inadequate models are indicated. Special attention is paid to the property of model structure identifiability. Unidentified model structure contains a set of parameters that cannot be uniquely determined from experimental data, even for the ideal experiment. In this case the results of modeling become questionable. Illustrative examples of non-identifiable model structure are given, as well as recommendations for solving this problem.

Nanomaterials ontology model


Annotation: Using intelligent modeling systems for explaining the results of calculations in terms of a par-ticular domain provides more options by contrast with program systems of other classes. A formally described domain ontology that defines the unambiguous interpretation of the terms makes it possible to develop intelligent modeling systems combining knowledge and data of different sections of this domain and program systems for solving application issues. Nanos-cience is of a cross-disciplinary nature which implies the necessity to use knowledge of various disciplines, i.e. there are ontologies of other domains in this ontology. The paper proposes a mathematical ontology model of the nanomaterials domain with complicated structures and terms from ontologies of organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

Actual problems of the organization of unit testing of classes


Annotation: This work is devoted to description and the analysis of some problems of development of unit tests which are connected with shortcomings of a tested code. Distinguishing attainment sui-tability to unit testing and obtaining short and clear unit tests, the material of work concentrates on the description of design decisions which lead to emergence of unit tests bulky and difficult for reading. Symptoms and signs of such decisions in a tested code of the program are analyzed.

Solutions for bin cutting & packaging problem with a constructive and neural network approach


Annotation: Formulation of the problem is presented n- dimensional packaging (n = 1, 2 , 3). A description of the method of planes for solving the three-dimensional packaging. Shows the composition of this method for two-dimensional packing problem. To determine the lower limits of problem solving cutting-packing machine used neural networks. Highly efficient algorithms for solving two- and three-dimensional cutting-packing , allowing to quickly build a nesting layout with a coefficient of cutting an average of 85%. The reliability of the results is confirmed by a comparative analysis of the dissertation of the existing approaches to solving the problem and the results of experimental data.

Modelling of parameters of the intermediary network


Annotation: In work the model of a trade-commerce network of the single-product market is described. Each element of a network by parameters is described. It characterizes the economic potential of the subject. The mathematical model is presented in the form of system of the ordinary differential equations.

Three-level decision support system for prenatal monitoring


Annotation: Currently the Russian medicine is actively introducing information systems. Due to the com-plexity of the subject domain are relevant to the system of clinical decision support. The article presents the principles and the results of the development and implementation of a decision support system for the dynamic observation of patients.

Simulation of the digital signature schemein nonpositional polynomial notation


Annotation: Two models for computer programs realization of algorithm for creating a digital signature (DS) on the basis of nonpositional polynomial notations with preset cryptostrength, are de-veloped. These models differ with calculation procedures of algorithm secret keys. Thebasic-componentsofthesemodelsaredefined.

Boundary condition in the finite element methodFor navier-stokes equations


Annotation: In this paper, algorithms are discussed for numerical solution of the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations of viscous heat-conductive gas. Discretization of equations in time is realized by semi-Lagrangian method which often is called as the generalized method of characteristics or trajectories. And discretization in space is fulfilled by the finite element method. Particular attention is paid to the possible form of the boundary conditions for the closure of the computational domain and their implications for the numerical simulation in a test problem of gas flow in the channel as an example.

On the basis of structural-parametric synthesis in Designing complex technical systems


Annotation: The paper is considered the formulation and formalization of combinatorial optimization problems.Gives a classification problems of structural design and specify their characteristics.

Evaluation of numerical characteristics GERT-network based on equivalent trans formation


Annotation: The analytical method of evaluation of the numerical characteristics of GERT-homogeneous networks such as the mean and variance. The method is based on the transformation of GERT-network to an equivalent arc with the conversion of numerical characteristics of random variables of the arcs on the proposed formulas.

Analitical model of flexible transformable hoop of spec aerial


Annotation: In this article was used model of non-linear pendulum for finding optimal shape of a curved strip. The shapes with bend point presents via elliptic functions. Result of the article allows to improve construction of an aerial of satellite.

Numerical modeling of the propagation of elastic waves in stratified media with compliant interlayers


Annotation: Developed computer algorithms that simulate the dynamic interaction of elastic blocks through thin viscoelastic layer in structurally inhomogeneous media such as rocks. On the basis of rheological models are constructed for the deformation of the material layers of different levels of complexity. In the numerical solution of one-dimensional problems of applied monotonous grid- characteristic schemes with a balanced number of time steps in the blocks and interlayers . The problems of software implementation of algorithms on multiprocessor systems with graphics cards . Numerical results demonstrate the qualitative features of the propagation of plane waves in materials with a layered microstructure.

Development of the optimum immune net models for forecasting of the complex investment project risks


Annotation: Work is devoted a problem of construction optimum immune net model for complex investment projects for the purpose of the risks forecasting and possibility of timely updating in the course of its realizations. The perspective approach of artificial immune systems (AIS), based on concept formal peptide and procedure of a molecular recognize is used. Advantages of ap-plication AIS at the intellectual analysis of the data is possibility of parallel processing of a considerable quantity of the experts opinions, forecasting of risks and timely control of the course of the complex projects performance. At realizations immune net technologies the pro-cedure of optimum model construction on the basis of selection of the most informative attributes has great value. For the decision of this problem it is used the method of principal components.

The numerical algorithm of implementation of thermo-mechanical model of the dynamics of Elastic-plastic material


Annotation: In this paper a range of questions are considered related to the construction and numerical implementation of a mathematical model of elastic-plastic deformation of materials under in-tense external disturbances. A simplified thermodynamically correct model of elastically compressible plastic medium is proposed. Based on the method of splitting into physical processes and spatial variables efficient numerical algorithm is constructed for geometrically linear version of the model.

The operators and functionals in the normedspaces (q,p)- forms


Annotation: In article is provided a review of the main results received in the theory of multiplicative automorphic forms ((q,p)- forms) on a compact Riemann surface with links to the published works where it is possible to find their detailed proofs. The embedding theorems in spaces of (q,p)-forms are provided with the proof for demonstration of technique of work with such forms.

Application of the method of correlation adaptometry for the economic system analysis


Annotation: The given article proposes the new method of economic crises foreboding by correlation adaptometry. We have checked the operational capability of this method in some countries.

The alternative analysis: its basis, theory and some applications


Annotation: Let N be the positive integers set. In this paper we prove that any mapping f: N®A, with AN, cannot be an injective one, i. е. (AN)Þ(Ø(A~N)). We use the theorem about of linear n-space basis, that is there das not exists any injective mapping of basis B_(n+1)into a basis B_n. In other words, we proved Euclidean Axiom 8: “The Whole is more than its own Part”; there are some proofs this theorem in our article.

The use of ontological approach in the management of the intellectual capital of the organization


Annotation: The article describes the development of an information system for the automation of main-tenance and repair of measuring instruments and automation of heating automatics and mea-surement of thermal power plant of Norilsk. A feature of this system is to use an ontological approach to the development of subsystem intellectual support. According to the results of experimental use of the system, you can see and appreciate its features, cost-effectiveness and possible areas for further development.

Expert space for situational modelling of industry-natural complexes


Annotation: A metric is proposed for a generalized state space that incorporates both string and numerical variables. The metric is used for situational modelling of static and dynamic parameters of industry-natural complexes including safety dimensions. The metric provides application of expert knowledge regarding danger degrees for different states of the object under investiga-tion.

The role of backgraund activity in changes of interspike untervals of neurons under microwaves


Annotation: In unanesthetized nonimmobilized rabbit pulse flows of populations of cortical neurons were investigated prior, during, and after 1-min microwave irradiation (wavelength 37.5 cm, power density 0.2-0.3; 0.4; 0.5; and 40 mW/cm2). Changes of interspikes intervals depended on intensity of irradiation, but not background activity.

Singularities of asymptotically optimal quadrature formulas in spaces


Annotation: The author researches the quadrature formulas with boundary layer for spaces of functions . For cases of spaces ( ) the author show examples of asymptotically optimal and optimal quadrature formulas with boundary layer and write their properties.

Some consequences arising from the incommensurability of the length of the radius and circumference of a circle


Annotation: The problem of incommensurability of the length of the radius and circumference of a circle considered. The basis of this consideration laid of scientific principles of physical axiomatics of mathematics. It is shown that the length of the radius and the length of circumference should be considered as dissimilar quantities relating to the display of various properties of the physical world. The existence of a fundamental property of matter, other than space and time, which is the source of wave processes and cause the formation of bodies of revolution, is predicted.

Justification for the existence of the minimal mass and the calculation of its numerical values


Annotation: The hypothesis of the existence of a physical object of microcosm, which is a carrier of minimal mass, is developed. The numerical value of the minimal mass was found to be 34.75 MeV/c2. The physical natureof the electron massis different fromthe nature of allother ele-mentaryparticles. Photons and neutrinos are treated as objects of the microcosm, which do not have property of mass.

Development a visual method of research of dependence of the categorical variables based on contingency tables


Annotation: In this article a visual method of research of dependence of the categorical variables, based on geometrical interpretation of frequencies in the contingency table is described. Differentiation of independence is produced on ideal, statistical and practical.

Modeling of the form of the lima bean seeds (phaseolus limensis l.)


Annotation: The form of seeds is a very significant characteristic which is required for designing the equipment, for the harvest in plantations, transport, drying, storage and airing of dried seeds. In these work the calculations of the volume and surface area of Lima bean seeds in the process of their maturation were carried out from the measured dimensions - length, width and thickness. Some models from the literature were used for the calculations, a comparison with the experimentally measured values of the volume was carried out.

On testing the discrete stochastic pedestrian dynamics model SIgMA.CA in different spatial situations


Annotation: This paper deals with investigation of discrete stochastic pedestrian dynamics model SIg-MA.CA. Variety of case studies when basic people movement phenomena realize were considered. Fundamental diagrams (specific flow versus people density) for some cases are presented.

Using the cluster computing systems and space monitoring data for forest fires modeling


Annotation: The problem of the forest fires mathematical models creating on basis of Navier-Stokes equations with using the cluster computing systems and space monitoring data is discussed. The efficiently of the modeling algorithms is examines. The samples of the forest fire dynamics calculation are given.

Approximation of wavelet operator by its hyperfinite analogy


Annotation: The article deals with the problem of approximation of wavelet operator by its hyperfinite analogy. This problem is studied by the method of the non-standard analysis. It is proved that the hyperfinite wavelet operator is a bounded operator, its norm is less ore equal to 1 and this operator approximates the continuous wavelet operator.

The Markov model of the process of formation of the blood group of a child in the system AB0


Annotation: The article shows the use of the mathematical model in the form of Markov chains to analyze the process of formation of the blood group of a child in the system AB0. Probabilistic dependencies of the final probabilities and time of formation of blood groups on the activity of the antigens A and B are given.

On the existence of a stationary measure for the stochastic system for the quasi-solenoidal lorenz model for a baroclinic atmosphere on a sphere


Investigation of forced convective heat transfer of nanofluids in a cylindrical tube


Annotation: In this paper, the heat transfer in liquids and nanofluids in a cylindrical tube is investigated. The exact solution for the temperature of one-component fluid (water) is obtained. Numerical simulation of forced convection of water and water/ nanofluid is performed and the temperature distribution in the tube is found. As a re: sult, the efficiency of heat transfer in water/ nanofluid is investigated depending on nanoparticle concentration and flow ve-locity.

Algebraic methods to model reasoning


Annotation: Boolean algebra is a widely known algebraic method in logic. This algebra is a counterpart of the propositional calculus. To model the predicate calculus, Lindenbaum-Tarski algebra, polyadic Halmos algebra and other algebras were proposed. However, these algebras are too abstract and complicated for algorithmization. In the given paper, we describe our n-tuple algebra that can be thought of as a generalization of mathematical theory of relations.

About influence of scale on result of complex decisions in methodology AHP by T. Saaty


Annotation: Thi sarticle demonstrates theinfluence of scale on results of complex decisions in methodology Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) by Tomas L. Saaty. Investigate questions of transitions to different scales for solving direct and inverse Saaty problems. The results of transitions are demonstrated for solving problem of verify classification.

Estimation of the state of control objects and emergency sources based on analytical indicators


Annotation: This paper presents an approach of estimation of the control objects and emergency sources based on the integration of OLAP and Expert systems technologies. OLAP-models for multi-dimensional analysis of monitoring data and dynamic analysis of principal parameters of control objects are presented. The criteria of emergency risk estimation using expert knowledge about critical levels of danger are suggested. The implementation of proposed solutions in automated systems that provide a comprehensive safeness of Krasnoyarsk region.

Elements of information support system for tsunami modelling and tsunami hazard assessment on parallel computing systems


Annotation: This paper proposes an approach for the analysis of data of geo- and hydrophysical monitoring for operational tsunami hazard assessment. Computational methods for estimating the parameters of earthquakes and recovering the form of tsunami source by mareogramms at the nearest DART stations were developed. Parallel version of the computational system for different types of parallel computing systems was implemented.

Assessment of danger of floods on the basis of logical decision functions


Annotation: The algorithmic scheme of use of the device of logical decision functions is developed for an assessment of danger of floods.

Construction of regression model based on neural network in the problem of human ecology


Annotation: This paper proposes acomputationalmethodto establishthe incidence ofregressiondependingon the factorsof the naturalandsocial environment onthe basisof neural network modelingof observational data. The neural networkmodels andnumerical experimentsfor a comparativeanalysis ofthe observational dataof diseasespecific groupswith a change inthe naturaland social environment are constructed.

Adaptive prediction of wildfire behavior on the basis of aerospace monitoring


Annotation: A method of modeling a dynamic process on the Earth surface, for instance, a forest fire, with the use of a recurrent neural network is proposed. The learning process of the neural network, similar to the process of data assimilation in GIS technologies is described. A method of acceleration of neural network learning by using the Kalman filtration is proposed. The efficiency of its application is analyzed. The software implementation of the model based on fire recurrent neural network which simulate the process in real time is presented.

Constructing the program and mathematical model of the command and measuring system of spacecraft onboard hardware


Annotation: The simulation model of the command and measuring system of spacecraft onboard hardware is presented. The model contains tools for the graphical representation of all stages of tel-ecommand and telemetry packets transmission.

Structural Geomorphologic Interpretation of the Territory ofThe Republic of Khakassia According to Remote Sensing


Annotation: The paper is considered the technique structural geomorphic interpretations data the Earth remote sensing of territorial the Republic of Khakassia,conducteda structural analysis ofthe elementarylevelof the landscape structure.

Application of ontology of genre structure of the business document in the course of al-location of requisites of the business text


Annotation: The paper considers the application of the method of analysis of the business details of the document, based on the use-consistent ontology genre level document structure. The applica-tion of the method is considered on the basis of document processing «requirement» rassylaemo the Inter district IFTS Russian number 22 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory