Release: 2016-2 (14)

2016-2 (14)


Organization of the process of geometrical tasks drawing teaching to develop students’ cognitive activity


Annotation: The article substantiates the need of development of universal educational actions during the teaching of mathematics at the main step of the general education. There is formulated the problem of the organization of process of the teaching of geometry aimed at the development of informative actions of pupils. The teaching of drawing up geometrical tasks on the basis of the text of task's situation is considered as one of solutions to this problem

Scientific bases of a school course of geometry in training


Annotation: Theories and methods of higher geometry are scientific bases of a school course of geometry. This paper considers the problem of updating them in learning geometry. It contributes to the achievement of planned results of studying geometry

Applying Infographic Modeling Techniques to Present Multidimensional Data


Annotation: The paper presents the survey of existing approaches and tools of infographics, the types of infogram. The methods integrating infographic simulation and online analytical processing technology are observed

Methods and tools of teaching programming in the institutes of higher education


Annotation: The methods and tools for teaching programming developed by the Program Construction and Optimization Laboratory of the A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems and by the Programming Department of Novosibirsk State University are considered

Creation of tasks in educational and research system for onboard equipment designer


Annotation: In this paper the solution of the problem of task creation of both theoretical and practical skills of a designer in standard and non-standard situations is observed. The education and research system for spacecraft onboard command and measuring system designer is introduced

Definition and scientific and psychological support of students’ research works


Annotation: The article presents the results of a pedagogical experiment. The ability to perform scientific studies in the field of mathematics and science by students is investigated. By a specific example it is shown that non-trivial scientific results can be obtained with adequate guide

Application of three-dimensional visualization in the educational process


Annotation: This article describes the issue of the application of three-dimensional visualization technology in the educational process. The possibility of development of a software system that provides the tools to create some static and interactive training subsystems was considered

Ranking of difficulty of test items considering guessing


Annotation: One of the factors of the test assessment adequacy is the ability to guess the correct answers. We offer a way to consider this factor’s impact on the sample difficulty of the test tasks during "soft" estimating using amendment on the "guessing". Our method allows us to rank different types of tests by difficulty considering guessing

About Sciences and Special Courses Knowledge Integration Concept


Annotation: This work represents analysis of the solution of students’ professional direction problem during their studies in a technical higher education institution through sciences and special courses integration. We study the concept of knowledge integration and modular system of educational process

About the electronic educational course in mathematics


Annotation: The problems of development and implementation of e–learning course “Mathematics” for students of technical areas of distance learning are described. The peculiarities of teaching materials, approaches to designing of the content, the functional tasks, used in e–learning system are analyzed

Development of software for solving problems of heat engineering


Annotation: Due to the need to improve the quality of training of specialists of mining and metallurgical industry, specialized software for complex solutions of heat engineering tasks is being developed. The developed system allows carrying out both standard engineering calculations and studies on various criteria

Twenty years later


Annotation: In the article we are talking about learning programming in high school using technology from the literary text to code. One must read classics and understand its meaning, be able to analyze the text as a document. The authors share their 20 years of experience in this direction.

Distance education of people with limited eyesight


Annotation: The article is devoted to the problem of constructing a combined ontological model (consisting of the models: learner, learning, and joint use laboratory) for the development of Smart-system of distance learning of people with limited eyesight on the basis of modern artificial intelligence approaches

Does the school teach us to think?


Annotation: The paper analyzes the discourse of students of the mathematical faculty on the topic "Whether or not the school teaches us to think." Using various meanings of the word "think" the students show readiness to take responsibility for the development of pupils' thinking, bringing them to cooperation and education of careful attitude to each other

Development of mathematical skills of pupils


Annotation: This paper is devoted to the questions of relevance of the development of mathematical skills among school students. It describes a variety of techniques, types and forms of educational work of the teacher by means of which it is possible to achieve high performance of school students

The role of aesthetic education at mathematics lessons in secondary school


Annotation: The article considers the role of the aesthetic education of pupils at Mathematics lessons, identifies the peculiarities of the aesthetic education and shows the elements of pupils’ creative abilities development technique

Computer studies in the course "the diversity of geometry"


Annotation: The possibility of the organization of research work of students in studying discipline "the Diversity of geometry" with the involvement of computer technology is considered in this paper. The tasks developed by Minkowski geometries, Galileo and Lobachevsky are presented

Dominant competence in the basic educational program


Annotation: The article deals with statistically significant relationship between competence mastering time and competence weight by an example of the basic educational program "Software engineering"

Improving the design of the anode unit of aluminum electrolyzers using advanced cad


Annotation: The decrease of energy consumption in aluminium production is one of the primary ways to reduce its cost and therefore to increase overall facility effectiveness. Modern 3D simulation software with CAE-systems included are able to perform analysis and optimisation of technical parameters of designed equipment by means of simulation of its functioning in real conditions influenced by various external factors. This paper shares the research of 3D element-based parametric model of anode unit developed using SolidWorks software associated by COMSOL Multiphysics tools, which is used for modeling the heat losses and voltage drop on anode unit. The associated link used in this research enables to perform automated analysis of steel spider’s geometric parameters impact on heat and electric losses in anode unit in order to reduce their values and achieve desired optimisation criteria.

Research of the factors influencing the mode of "the black sky" in Krasnoyarsk


Annotation: Adverse weather conditions represent a short-term special combination of the meteorological factors promoting accumulation of the harmful polluting substances in a ground layer of at-mospheric air. Depending on the expected level of pollution of the atmosphere preventions of three degrees to which there correspond three working hours of the enterprises during NMU periods are formed

Ontology model of disperse systems and their classes


Annotation: There are two modules of the developed mathematical ontology model of colloid chemistry describing disperse system ontology model in the article. The developed model will be used in creation of intelligent modeling system that integrates ontologies, knowledge and data from different chemistry section

Solution of the hydrophysical monitoring inverse problem in the context of Chilean tsunamis


Annotation: This research is devoted to the solution of the tsunami source parameters recovery problem, based on the hydrophysical monitoring data with the using of S.Y. Dobrokhotov’s asymptotic formulae and numerical simulation within the MOST computing technology. A mathematical formulation of the problem and computational technology of the ocean tsunami waves modelling for parameters estimation of the studied tsunami sources are presented. A series of numerical experiments for the Chilean earthquakes and tsunamis (2010 – 2015) is carried out

The incidence of workers across sectors of the economy (on the example of Novokuz-netsk)


Annotation: The morbidity with temporary disability (MTD) in the case of a large industrial center of Si-beria is analyzed. Its characteristics according to manufacturing and non-manufacturing sec-tors of the economy and the most important causes of MTD are identified

Formalization of test processes of the spacecraft onboard equipment


Annotation: In this paper, the problem of formalization of test process of the spacecraft onboard equipment is observed. The representation principles of test processes as formal scripts are described. The cases of using scripts at all stages of test process are presented

Classification of programming and parallel programming paradigms


Annotation: The article concerns the actual problem of study and development of methods of analysis, comparison and formal definition of the programming paradigms. Importance of this topic comes from the steep increase in the number of new-generation programming languages oriented at application and development of modern information technologies

Software tool for development of rule-based expert systems on the basis of MDA


Annotation: The paper describes the architecture and functions of the software tool for development of rule-based expert systems on the basis of a model-driven approach, in particular the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) methodology. The main components and stages of the technology are considered. The results of modeling and model transformations are presented

Optimal control scopes of wildfire suppression


Annotation: A simple model of wild fire dynamics is proposed. This model permits to investigate some problems of such process managing

The development of informatization in the municipal health services (in the case of Abakan)


Annotation: The article presents the classification of information systems in health care of Abakan based on retrospective analysis; the problems and main tasks of the modern stage of informatization are identified. The method for selection of optimal variants of organization of primary health care can be applied in other regions and municipalities.

Organization of packet synchronization in relational databases


Annotation: The article presents an approach to solving of the problem of structural and informational synchronization in relational databases used in territorial distributed network of organizations. The presented solution is based on the unification and metastructuring of database objects, as well as using information XML-packets sent through the transitional transport web-node.

Problems of research of the processes of self-organization in a web-space


Annotation: The article is devoted to the problems of development of interdisciplinary approaches to re-search of the principles of self-organization of a web space and regularities of its communica-tive interactions. As a methodological basis of the research there was chosen synthesis of bio-social interpretations of communicative processes and their simulation by means of a webometrics

Algorithm of program components generation for the model-driven system


Annotation: Author’s approach to the construction of model-driven system is described. Set-theoretic description of meta-metamodel for Scientific Activity Management System is presented. A set of algorithms for program components generation is suggested

Electrocardiosignal structure analysis expert system development


Annotation: The paper deals with the process of a cardiological expert system development. The definition of an electrocardiogram is presented. Problems of ECG characteristics determination such as ECG data digitizing are considered. The problem of QRS complex recognition and P and T waves parameters measurement is discussed. A general outline of analysis technique for ECG using wavelet transformation is proposed

Traces of marine natural disasters: a numerical data analysis


Annotation: We propose a new approach for processing spatial data — the morphological analysis of linear and non-linear structures in conjunction with a spectral decomposition based on the wavelet and shearlet transformations applied to the data about natural disasters

An algorithm for modelling the surface of the terrain


Annotation: The paper presents a computational algorithm for constructing the surface of the terrain ac-cording to the data at vector maps in Polish format. The input data is a set of contours. Using interpolation splines the grid function of altitude are built based on this data

Application of multisets for solving the practical problems


Annotation: The paper describes the methods for solving the problem of group multi-criteria decision-making that allow to process different forms of individual preferences and based on the use of multisets. Examples of solving practical problems by using the methods are described

Development of GIS-applications based on geoportal technologies


Annotation: This paper discusses software tools and technologies for development of the applied web-based software systems focused on processing and presentation of geospatial data. The proposed solution is a specialized content management system for website, which takes into account the specificity of GIS web applications

Formal definition of multidimensional analytical indicators calculation as a sequence of OLAP-cube operations


Annotation: This paper presents a formal definition of OLAP-cube operations. There is multidimensional analytical indicators calculation as a sequence of OLAP-cube operations based on proposed formal definition using hydrological monitoring task as an example

Modelling of the coated tool material properties


Annotation: Scientists are now solving the problem of providing a metal-cutting performance of a wear-resistant coating. The paper suggests the ways to improve performance by modeling the properties of the material. This paper presents the methodology for assessment of the coated tool performance by acoustic emission

Technological process of the boiler-room change-over to alternative fuel


Annotation: The paper is dedicated to the boiler-room change-over to the alternative fuel. The laws of heat engineering, thermodynamics and analytical methods are implemented. The necessity of equipment modernization for pellet fuel is shown and proved

Creation of database of natural and technogenic safety indicators in the case of the Krasnoyarsk region


Annotation: This paper describes the major territorial management tasks and principles of forming data-base of natural and technogenic safety indicators. The process of data consolidation for com-prehensive monitoring of settlements based on interdepartmental information exchange is demonstrated. Proposed structure of database and methods of data preparation and carto-graphic analysis are presented

Analysis of natural and technogenic safety based on principal component analysis and cluster analysis techniques (in case of Krasnoyarsk region)


Annotation: This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of natural and technogenic safety indicators of the Krasnoyarsk region in order to explore geographical variations and patterns in occurrence of emergencies by applying the multidimensional analysis techniques – principal component analysis and cluster analysis – to data of the Territory Safety Passports.

Processing of multidimensional data by means of technology TOFI


Annotation: The article deals with the analysis and visualization of multidimensional data Tofi technology means. We describe the technological features of the construction of the Tofi data warehouse, multidimensional cubes and slices of cubes. The main purpose of the Tophi technology is to support analytical activities, ad-hoc query users and analysts

Towards the correspondence between structure of pine chloroplast genomes and their phylogeny


Annotation: Some results are presented exploring the problem of the relation between the phylogeny of various species and taxa, and the structure of corresponding DNA sequences. The features of the methods used are shown in this work. And also presents conclusions on the results obtained

Assessing the impact of external factors on the Russian real estate market


Annotation: The results of analysis of the Russian construction industry using the correlation and dispersion of data are described in the article. This research proves that the method of correlation adaptometry is effective in the analysis of the real estate market and prediction of crises

Verification of parallel functional dataflow programs using interval formulas


Annotation: The article describes the original method of verification of programs in functional-stream parallel programming language Pythagoras using interval constants for the specifications of the program

Semantics of program data types for functional data-flow parallel programming language Pifagor


Annotation: The article is devoted to formal semantics for data types of functional data-flow parallel programming language Pifagor. Mathematical semantics based on naive (informal) set theory and axiomatic semantics are concerned

Definition of need of the population for anesteziologo-resuscitation types of the emer-gency medical service


Annotation: In the conditions of a huge staff deficit as result is a lack of crews of fast medical care, only rational use of the available resources could become the correct decision. Development and deployment of the optimized information ensuring management of anesteziologo-resuscitation crews has allowed to keep availability and timeliness of rendering resuscitation types of am-bulance to the population

Search algorithms for the regular objects in the image


Annotation: The article discusses the search algorithm of regular objects using a hash function on images obtained by machine stereovision systems

The technology integration in the complex monitoring of emergencies


Annotation: The results of creating complex monitoring system in aspect of integration of modern information technologies are presented. The consolidation technologies, analysis and data presentation from different sources are described

Database development for hydrobiological facts about Krasnoyarsk reservoir


Annotation: Conceptual and relational schemes of data-base to store spatial temporal facts about Krasno-yarsk reservoir ecology are represented in the paper. Represented results allow to integrate collected data into informational space for inferring comprehensive analytical model of arti-ficial reservoir behavior

On formalization of the transition rules in pedestrian dynamics model SIgMA.CA


Annotation: Transition rules for a pedestrian dynamics model based on cellular automata are presented. Methods of implementation of a patient man strategy, conflict resolution are proposed

Modelling of the exchange processes in trade systems


Annotation: In this work the question of modeling of stream processes between participants in trade-commerce systems is considered. The model of the description processes of an ex-change between economic agents of a network in the local markets taking into account factors of supply and demand is developed

Research of process of insurance payments with limited insurance coverage


Annotation: This paper is devoted to the research of the model of insurance company with a limited insur-ance coverage in the form of queuеing system with an unlimited number of servers. Using method of characteristic functions we got two-dimensional probability distribution of a number of risks that are insured in the company and a number of demands for insurance payment

On modeling of regularities of geosocial process


Annotation: The paper describes results of modeling of natural disasters and social phenomena regularities, obtained from the database created by authors. With help of specially developed software application properties of clusterability and cyclicity of catastrophes are revealed. The concept of geosocial process is proposed

Modeling of the electric drive for spacecrafts with variable structure


Annotation: This work is directed to the problem of creating a simulation system with variable structure for multi-component technical objects on the example of the drive for spacecrafts. The paper presents the concept of modeling systems with variable structure, as well as mathematical models with varying degrees of detail to resolve conflicts "accuracy - speed"

Detemination of the characteristic time of a binary mixture separation in a cylindrical thermogravitational column


Annotation: In this paper, the unsteady-state binary mixture separation in a cylindrical thermogravitational column is considered. For this process, the dependence of the characteristic time of establishing the steady-state separation on the ratio of the cylinders radii is obtained. When the ratio is close to unity, the characteristic time corresponds to that of a flat-plate column

Simulation of dynamics of multiparticle systems for kinetic model consideration


Annotation: We consider four problems, three of which are not related to rarefied gas dynamics, but are described by the Boltzmann type equations. To solve these problems, we propose to use the integral equation of the second kind approach and the weight simulation of Markov chain, the latter is uniquely determined by the coefficients of the integral equations

On right-primitivity conjecture for finite semifield


Annotation: The author consider the algebraic properties of the semifield of order 64 that is one of two known counter-examples to G. Wene conjecture of left-primitivity for any finite semifield. The subfileds, automorphisms and spectrum are described. It is proved that the multiplicative loop of non-zero elements of this semifield is singly-generated

Modeling of slow motion of a granular medium in converging channels



Linear inverse problem for the pseudo hyperbolic equations


Annotation: In this paper linear inverse problems for pseudo hyperbolic equations is considered. We prove the corresponding theorem on the unique solvability of the inverse problem

Application of the correlation adaptometry method in the inshurance markets analysis


Annotation: This paper presents the method of a correlation adaptometry for identification of pre-crisis and crisis situations in the insurance markets. Applicability of method is investigated based on statistical data of some regional insurance markets of the Russian Federation

Inverse problem for linear pseudoparabolic equation of filtration type


Annotation: The paper discusses the inverse problem on determination of an unknown coefficient in the linear pseudoparabolic equations. The results obtained by the author and A. Tani earlier are extended to the case of the equation containing not only the unknown function, but its first derivatives as well. The assumptions on the input data are formulated wherein the local existence and uniqueness of the solution of the problem is proved

Numerical modeling of pendulum waves in a blocky medium


Annotation: The computational algorithms for study of propagation of stress waves and strain in layered media, consisting of a large number of deformable blocks with elastic layers are developed. Numerical results demonstrate the features of plane wave propagation in a blocky media

Analysis of the equations of a liquid crystal taking into account moment interaction


Annotation: Based on the mathematical model of a liquid crystal in the acoustic approximation, the system of two equations of second-order was obtained for tangential stress and angular velocity. Computational algorithm for numerical solution of boundary-value problems is worked out, implemented as a parallel program in the С language using the CUDA technology

Simulation of the stability of a system by the theory of one-dimensional percolation


Annotation: A mathematical model of the system resistance to damage is considered. A new algorithm to determine the stability of damage based on quasi-one-dimensional percolation theory is proposed. The model can be used for interpretation of results in quasi-one-dimensional nanometer systems

The deterministic semantic of the regular expressions


Annotation: The problem of conversion of formal language texts is of considerable practical importance for software reengineering and for the software integration. Pattern matching is technique of searching a text string based on a specific search pattern. The pattern specified by regular expression forms the basis for building a variety of converters. It is proposed to change the traditional model of the language parser by pattern matching based on the finite state machine into the algebra of patterns with side effects. The proposed deterministic semantic of regular expression eliminates the need to switch from the regular expression engine and user code execution environment and back again

Return the one-dimensional problem with an unknown source


Annotation: Investigated the one-dimensional inverse problem with an unknown source and an unknown variable coefficient two known solutions at fixed points in the plane. Inverse problem using the method of integral transforms is reduced to inverse problem of Sturm-Liouville problem. The uniqueness theorems are proved

Numerical modeling of two-phase flows in microchannels


Annotation: Results of testing methodology for calculating two-phase flows based on the method of fluid in the cells (VOF method), in the microchannel are considered in this work. Numerical results are compared with experimental data. It has been shown that the value of the contact angle plays a key role in the description of two-phase flow in microchannels

On the cubature formula with the involving derivatives


Annotation: The algorithm of replacing some other lattice nodes to minimize the error functional norm is developed under the concordance condition of the convergence order with lattice step and the smoothness of the function along the selected coordinate directions. The results obtained by the method tested in the control examples

Dynamics of fluid mixed layer penetration in 3d calculations


Annotation: The wind-influenced deepening of the mixed layer in a stratified rectangular reservoir has been calculated using three-dimensional numerical model. A comparison of results has been made for various turbulence models

Simulation-based verification of logical descriptions with functional indeterminacy


Annotation: The problem of verification of logical descriptions of combinational networks is considered for the case when the initial functional description of the network under design has indeterminacy. The proposed verification approach is based on simulation of еру network functionality for the general case when input stimuli are represented by ternary vectors

Seasonal dynamics of Shira lake currents by field observations in 2014-2015 years


Annotation: In the article the variability of wind currents on the lake Shira was analyzed in period 2014-2015 years based on the data of field observations. The spectral analysis of internal waves, caused by variable wind, was carried out

A parallel semi-Lagragian algorithm for advection equation


Annotation: We construct the algorithm of the family of semi-Lagrangian methods for an advection problem. The algorithm is based on the integral balance equation for the neighborhood of a grid node. This equation involves integrals over two neighboring time levels. We study the effectiveness of the parallel algorithm with OpenMP technology