Release: 2014-2 (5)

2014-2 (5)


Technology of designing educational programs of higher education on baccalaureate level, providing graduates with qualification «applied bachelor»


Annotation: This article outlines the technological aspects of the educational programs construction for baccalaureate. These programs provide graduates with the qualification «applied bachelor». A modular principle of representing the educational content and a cluster model of interaction with potential employers constitute the basis of the given technology.

Basic concepts for scheduling problem realization


Annotation: In the article the basic concepts for scheduling problem are presented. The realizations are based on multi-criteria, multi-vectorial and hyper-vectorial ranking. The classification scheduling problems and basic criteria for choice operations are required. Greedy algorithms are presented.

Self- organization of Internet learning on multi-agent platform HECADEM 5.0


Annotation: Multi-agent approach up to cloud – based Internet learning self- organization is considered. Principles of self-organization of complicated dynamic systems and possibilities of multi-agent approach are discussed. The main ideas of architecture of multi –agent cloud – based Internet learning intellectual platform HECADEM 5.0 are described

Formation of innovative educational environment and professional competence of university infocommunication sector within new educational standards


Annotation: The basic tendencies of higher education reform and improving the quality of graduates, university industry efficiency in the implementation of standards of the third generation are considered.

The approach to masters preparing educational program designing


Annotation: In this report the problems of moving High school education system to the Third generation Federal state educational standards are analyzed. The necessity of linking employers qualification requirements with science and technical direction development vector is pointed out. Approaches to the masters preparing educational programs designing, realized in the Perm National Research Polytechnical University, are dwelled on

Argumentation in inductive notion formation


Annotation: The methods of processing incomplete and inconsistent information in such subsystems of intel-ligent decision support systems as a decision searching subsystem of acquiring and storing knowledge are considered. In the decision searching subsystem, the main stress is made on the application of argumentation with justification degrees. In the acquiring and completion subsystem, the generalization problem in conditions of inconsistent and incomplete data is solved. For data generalization, the algorithm based on the rough set theory is developed. Research of noise influence on the work of the suggested generalization algorithm is carried out. The results of program modelling are presented.

Scheme of the prototype Mass epidemics' multi-agent model expansion


Annotation: This paper describes a prototype implementation of mass epidemics multi-agent model with par-allel multiprocessing cluster multiple labeling technique used in the software and hardware complex BIOCLUST JSCC RAS

Estimation of the indexes of difficulty of traffic control


Annotation: Estimation of the difficulty of traffic control are defined for determining the boundaries of the regional traffic control polygons (for example, rail transport)

The distribution algorithm for the system mutual informative agreement in multicomplex processor networks


Annotation: The method for constructing the distributed algorithm of the system mutual informative agreement in multi-complex processor networks is considered. The aim of the algorithm is to ensure the system mutual informative agreement in case of some admissible Byzantine malfunctions

SystemVerilog Assertios of SystemVerilog-2009


Annotation: The internal SystemVerilog Assertion of SystemVerilog-2009 order as a way of informational safety ensuring with using of assertions tools is presented

Coordinate-linear solvable functions over primary ring of residues and the method of co-ordinate linearization


Annotation: The article considers and researches properties of the new class of functions over primary ring of residues, which generalizes class of polynomial functions and class of functions with variative-coordinate polynomiality defined earlier. The given classes of functions have the property that systems of equations composed from such functions may be solved by using the method of coordinate linearization

Evaluation of influence that some functioning criteria bring on lon-based networks performance


Annotation: This paper proposes an approach to the quantitative evaluation of the functioning criteria for importance within the Lon-based network performance estimation. The main results of the pro-posed importance evaluation for the reviewed criteria, which were not investigated earlier in the proposed combination, are summed up in the recommendations that can be used within the de-velopment of adequate analytical and simulation models.

The geometric method for constructing a balanced k-valued threshold functions and con-struction of substitutions based on them


Annotation: The article deals with the geometric method for constructing balanced threshold k-valued functions. A new method of synthesis of bijective mappings on their basis is considered.

Relevance increase in creation and introduction code INSEM


Annotation: Potentially the code InSem can be tested for ensuring interaction among s BRICS countries

Synthesis paraphase circuits by algebraic transformations


Annotation: The article analyzes the capabilities of the software realization of self checking paraphase circuits. One of directions of solving the task is the use of self-checking programs based on the advances in hardware implementation. The algebraic form of entry for synthesis paraphase the implementation of the circuits is discussed

On formation of generalized domination criterion on basis fuzzy logics


Annotation: The author analyzes the questions of assessing the level of dominance of one product functionality from the standpoint of fuzzy logics, which allows to take into account the uncertainty of the information requirements of potential users, the particular criteria, technical and economic pa-rameters and conditions of use. A mathematical description of the procedures for obtaining es-timates is presented. The reliability of the provisions on the assessment test calculations dominance products functionally equivalent group is verified.

Combined search in VLSI design


Annotation: The paper investigates the multipurpose search in the design based on the approaches inspired by the natural systems. Innovative and modified search architecture containing multilevel evolution is suggested in the given paper. So the decision process is parallelized and the problem of the algorithm preliminary convergence is partly eliminated. The fundamental difference of the suggested method is the division of the search process into two stages and various algorithms for each of them. Tests and experiments show the application perspectiveness for the developed ar-chitectures. The time complexity of algorithms is O(nlogn) in the best case and О(n3) in the worst case.

About periodic properties of one variative-coordinate linear(on-) generator over ring of residues


Annotation: The article considers periodic properties of sequences over primary ring of residues , generated by autonomous shift register, which feedback function belongs to one class of functions, called in the present article «functions with variative-coordinate linearity». The register with such feedback function is also called VCL-generator. The interest in studying the given class of functions is based on that it doesn’t contain polynomial functions, but has some similar properties.

Machine learning in expert system: education for developers


Annotation: The paper describes new types of expert systems. The urgent problem of lack of developers who can create such systems is defined. Some requirements to organize studying process of developers are proposed. How requirements are fulfilled in the center of excellence of EC-leasing Company is shown

High-performance discrete transformations on NeuroMatrix processors with NMC3 core


Annotation: The author discusses the performance evaluation of vector computing on NeuroMatrix pro-cessors . The examples of discrete Fourier, cosine, Walsh-Hadamard and wavelet transformations are analysed. The principle of optimal algorithms design is dwelled on. The effectiveness of vector calculations on NeuroMatrix processors is demonstrated

Methodology of graphics information analysis in decision support systems


Annotation: This paper describes the results of the study to improve the automation degree of universality and effectiveness of the two-dimensional image processing and three-dimensional objects on the basis of famous and hypothetical models of mechanisms of biological systems.

The problem of tolerance in the net-centric information management systems


Annotation: The authors discuss the problem of organization of failure and fault-tolerant torango-o, distributed, network-centric information management systems, dynamic-Cesky organized and performing multitasking target for critical applications in distributed overlay computer networks, the most important characteristics, principles and features, philosophical essence from the point of view of fault tolerance. The information about basic theoretical results in the area in question is provided

Overview of two-layer neural network in summerdresses analog-to-digital Converter


Annotation: The paper deals with upgraded neural network scheme of self-routing analog-to-digital converter. The analysis of the results of two-layer and three-layer neural network is produced and perspectives of self-routing analog-to-digital converter based on neural network are discussed/

UVM Express is a simplified method of implementation UVM


Annotation: UVM is an innovative methodology of functional verification allowing to standardize, simplify and speed up the verification process. However its full implementing takes a significant amount of time. This is what prevents its wider use. This article describes a step-by-step methodology of implementing the UVM which produces value since the first step.

Biomemetic algorithms


Annotation: The paper investigates the metrics and metric properties of memes: distribution, survivability, entropy influence. Biometetic algorithm is proposed. Its main components are local search, cooperation, competition, end criterion search. Biomemetic algorithm is illustrated by the example of scheduling, the results of experiments and evaluation of the quality of the solutions found

Communications And Technology Infocommunications In Implementing state program Sverdlovsk Region Till 2020»


Annotation: The implementation of strategic projects of modern info-communications infrastructure in the region is discussed.

Business process model analysis, based on the integration of process mining and GERT-networks


Annotation: In the article the approach to business process management is proposed. It includes methods of business processes mining, design of analytical account system in the context of business processes, the forecast of the system functioning by means of GERT-network and agent-based simulation models and also forecast of crisis events of system by the method of correlation adaptometry.

Registration of muscle’s electrical activity for limb prosthesis control


Annotation: The paper deals with human forearm gesticulation electric activity patterns processing method for usage in control systems of embedded and portable devices, gaming systems. The considered methods could also be applied in limb prostheses controlling systems.

On problem economic efficiency creation of integrated energy management


Annotation: The technical and economic aspects of the synthesis of integrated energy management systems are considered. The components of the economic effect in the implementation of integrated systems, which are based on the approaches proposed by the authors are analyzed

Technology for fast simulation of infrared sounders measurements


Annotation: The computational technologies for fast and accurate modeling of infrared spectra to be measured by IRFS-2 and MSU-MR sounders which are planned to be installed on board of Russian meteorological Meteor-M satellites are under consideration. Methodological aspects of fast radiative transfer model development are briefly described. Interface and functionality of the developed software is presented, its accuracy and performance are assessed

Structure of data for information storage in social networks


Annotation: The structure of «posts» for storage in social networks with a small amount of users is offered. The developers face the problem of choosing an effective system of information storage. The data structures created in the work consider features of no-SQL and SQL storages of data. Productivity of each models is checked on inquiries of different complexity to databases of different structure. The efficiency of the offered structures is checked on concrete data

Methods of updating physical effects database on example of nanotechnical systems


Annotation: The methods of updating the database of physical effects are presented in the article. The generalized procedures of the methods and the recommendation about their performance are described. The application methods are dwelled on.

Automatic positioning of application for patent in global patent space


Annotation: The authors describe the result of the pilot project «E-patent Examiner» within the frame of the system prototype which was created and it was hosted in the «cloud» of the server cluster. For the experiments in the prototype knowledge base a gallery of patents from subject areas such as «electricity», «physics», «mechanics» of the Russian Federation and the United States patent arrays was loaded.

Votes distribution dependence on turnout


Annotation: Votes distribution dependence of turnout is the subject of intense debate among electoral statistics researchers. The article compares some indicators of such dependence. Particular attention is given to Sobyanin-Suhovolskiy indicator that is used in many studies to assess the level of fraud. Examples of specific election illustrate that this indicator varies depending on the election commissions sample

Innovation cooperation between Russia and Austria: EZAN experience


Annotation: The analysis of innovation cooperation between Russia and Austria is presented. The activity of EZAN innovation center in Vienna in business cooperation, technology transfer and joint projects development are discussed. Some examples of collaboration are given and perspectives directions of bilateral cooperation in new technology development are dwelled on

Human activity and the earth atmosphere


Annotation: Climatic anomalies observed in the last decade raise the question about the reasons of their occurrence. The cyclic changes of paleoclimate from the point of view of the interpretation of the anomalies as natural phenomena are analyzed. Energy-economic flows in the thermal balance of the Earth are compared with dissipation as the result of human activities on the planet. The course to annual increase of the world production will lead to unacceptable climate change by the end of the century

The Internet of things - the next stage of the digital revolution


Annotation: The Internet of Things allows to create intellectual networks connecting billions of devices and providing information about their state. Easy access to communicating objects state analyzing, prediction and control in some cases changes areas of society and social environment in a revolutionary way.

High humanitarian technologies of the information management


Annotation: This paper presents the results of researches of adaptive and learning mechanisms of the information management functioning. Scientists and social leaders agree that the information management is changing the human environment. The activity to control human impact on the information management is an imperative prerequisite to achieve social stability. Accelerating information management due to stress is associated with emerging conflicts. Traditional ethnic, religious or political dogmas, must be revised in this changing context to avoid collapse

Propaganda mechanisms


Annotation: This paper presents the results of research of the propaganda mechanisms of the information management. The formal statement of the synthesis of the regressive propaganda mechanisms of the information management is made. Sufficient conditions of the regressive propaganda mecha-nisms of the information management are found.

High humanitarian technologies of socio-economic security


Annotation: On the basis of humanitarian systems theory and security theory, methodology, methods and high humanitarian technology of socio-economic security are developed. Their background consists of progressive adaptive mechanism of social security which enlarges potential of socio-economic system elements. Vertically integrated cognitive models and progressive adaptive mechanisms of federal, regional and local socio-economic security are created. The concepts of their modernization are provided and generalized into the concept of national socio-economic security modernization. The support system of decision making in socio-economic security is developed to integrate mechanisms of federal, regional and local socio-economic security